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Monday, February 11, 2008

So, things these past two days (actually... mostly only Saturday) were pretty busy. I had SkillsUSA on Saturday, where I was competing in the Job Interview section. There were only three people there, even though more than that were due to show up. I took first! Which, unfortunately, means that I need to go onto state now. My buddies in 3D animation and in Video also got first in their sections, so they're going to state with me. It was fun and junk, especially because I met another Anime fan up there! I was wandering around, doing nothing in particular, when I looked over and saw a chick reading a manga. Then, upon further investigation (see: Staring), I noticed one of the characters was Axel. So, I went over and talked to her, and found out that yes, there are Yaoi fans in my area (which was surprising, because everyone here is uber religious and Gays=Bad). So, we talked about Fanfiction for a bit, then when it was time to go, we exchanged E-mail addresses and she gave me her LJ and Deviantart.

Other than that, The Weekend was Boring. Sundays are always sleepy, and I nap as much as I can. And... I gots to go now. Ta!

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