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Friday, February 8, 2008

Holy Resurection, Batman!
So guess what guys? I'm back from the dead and have decided to once again post the many things that are going on in my life. Kinda. I am currently in the second semester of my school year, and am loving the classes that I have. My Periods are as follows:
Per 1 - Astronomy. I have always been pretty interested in the stars, and the constellations, and I'm excited to take this class. The class itself has a few really fun people I know from previous classes, and the teacher is amazingly funny. I had him for physics, and he's great.
Per 2 - Commercial Art. I took an art class before and had the same teacher, whom I love. She's fresh outta college and really the perfect Art Teacher. I wanted to take Commercial Art initially, and only did the other class for a filler. We learn Airbrushing, logos, and make a T-shirt in this class.
Per 3&4 - Still Tech Center with my beloved Rodney ~ ♥.
Per 5Shakespeare. I love Shakespeare. The class is one that all we really do is read, watch, and discuss Shakespeare, with little to know assignments and work like that. The teacher I have also had before, and he's Funny as heck. I have a few friends in this class, so I'm really excited (I also get English credit!)
Per 6 - Electronics. This class is actually the class that I was least excited for. My dad had taken an electronics class when he was in high school and thought that I would like it, since we usually like the same things. I signed up for it, then in physics of that year, we went over some electronics stuff, and I didn't really have that much fun. The class has turned out to be really good, because the teacher is hilarious and I have a few people I know in that class. It is also easy as pie so far - and I get college credit to boot!
Per 7&8 - Tech Center As well. We recently got a few tablets and CS3 (which, sadly, hasn't been imaged onto my computer yet...), and I'm having a blast learning what the tablet can do an playing around with it.

Piano... hasn't been going the best. I was quite sick this past week, so I wasn't able to touch the piano because anything more than doing nothing wore me out. I have until the 21st - the scholarship day - to get my to pieces really good, so I have to work really hard from now on.

Other than that, things are good. I have a leadership competition thingy tomorrow, where I'm competing in the Job Interview section. I'm not excited, and was kinda suckered into doing the entire thing, but it should be alright. The only thing bugging me about it was that its just another stressful thing on top of everything.

I betseter get back to work. Rod's glaring at me because I'm not paying attention to him *laughs*. Over and out!

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