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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not dead. Promise.
Once again, I apologize profusely for not updating until now. I can't really say that its because I've been busy, but more because I've been side-tracked with doing other things, and just haven't thought to update. Sorry.

So, school started on Monday. I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY. I adore school, and I'm up at tech again. With Rodney, who finally got in the permission slip. The procrastinator *warning: hypocrisy*. My teacher calls me year: *my name*, because I'm the only third year ever. My other classes are Aerobics, which is amazing and I love, even though we've only worked out once so far (today); Math 1060 (trig), which should be a lot easier then 1050, which wasn't that hard 'cause I'm good at math; Drawing 1, which was really a substitute class, but should be fun and I'm going to be drawing so much this year; and the last one this semester is Sci-Fi/Fantasy Literature. That class gives me English credit, and is the first one at the school/district yet. I'm really excited for that one. All my classes ('cept tech) changes next semester, but I'll get to those next semester.

In other news, Braden, the guy I had a crush on last year, Got a tattoo. I haven't seen it in person, but he sent me a pic on my phone of it, and its pretty cool. Mark, the guy who had a crush on me, is going to Oregon for school. Which makes me sad, because he'll be pretty far away. Rodney is here with me, and I have NO idea what happened to Liam. Jake, the other guy who I was talking about and to, got a little weird, so I haven't talked to him for months. He started asking me my fetishes and other weird/personal things like that and I was like 'um.. no' and started not answering his calls. Although, I really wasn't there when he called anyway.

Family life has been... interesting. Mother dearest has kinda been annoying, and the family has been really tense. Which is one big reason why I was so excited for school start: to get outta the house. We're actually going down to my cousins cabin and riding horses this weekend, which I'm excited for. She has this one horse, Disco, who I'm in love with, and she's bringing him down! *dances*

Don't know when I'll update next, so don't really expect anything. Ta~.

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