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Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm not dead yet.
Hallo people. It seems like forever since I last posted. *checks* Holy freak! Its been over a month! I'm so sorry. A lot has happened since I've updated.

One big thing is that school's over! Its been such a depressing thing for me! I haven't really been in touch with most of the guys, although its really because they haven't texted me back. ;_;. One guy, Jake, did call me a few days ago and got me to sign up for a game called Second Life It seems like a really fun game, but I haven't really gotten into it yet. And I've been busy playing ToS and reading yaoi Fanfiction. But yeah, Jake called and made fun of my sister's name we joked around a lot. We talked about noodles. He's a pretty funny person.

Thing number two is that my friend and I are back to normal. I went over to her to ask her if we could talk about what happened, but she needed to do her homework, and we joked around a bit. THings went back to normal from there. I asked her if she was ever going to talk to me about what happened, and she didn't want to. I have noticed that it seems like she's annoyed with me at times, but its mostly just like before.

Last really big thing that I can think of is that WE GOT A KITTY!!!! She's SO CUTE! I was actually surprised that my parents went along with it. My sister had actually threatened for a week to run away if they didn't get her a kitty. That was a while ago. Then I saw a kitty on Saturday, and on Monday (memorial day), we sent in the adoption papers and they got back with us that day and we brought her home. My dad actually said that of all the kids, he would probably give in to me the most. ^_^ I'm spoiled. Here's a pic of Meeka:

And I just started working on a new layout! I hope it will be done soon!


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