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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated for such a long time. Its been over a month, again! Gosh darn it, I really need to get onto a schedule. Seriously... Maybe I'll start writing down whats happened during the day, then update at 10, which is when MyO restarts where I am. GAH!

M'kay, So I'm going to start with telling what happened on my birthday and shtuff. It was pretty darn fun, I must say. I was in a good mood for pretty much all day, and tech was grand. Braden (the guy I was previously calling Neo, but I decided just to go with his name, because he'd know it was him anyway) Dearest actually talked a lot to me, and I was able to stay after school with him for about an hour, and it was fun even though I had a headach. It kinda got worse when I went home, because my mom has this habit of NAGGING like ther is no tomorrow. But all in all, it was pretty fun. OH! My friend Y-chan and I had a big adventure as well. She invited me to go to Barnes and Noble with her, kinda as a birthday get-away-from-family thing, and while we were driving she saw something in the road. It looked like a paper bag, so we didn't think much when we just drove over it. It turned out, that it wasn't a bag, but a piece of the curb. We heard some weird noise, and thought that it wasn't anything serious, so we kept driving. I was saying something, then quickly shut up because I heard another weird noise, and when she asked if it was probably bad, I said yeah, and we pulled over near Yukina123's house and got outa the car just to find out that she totally killed two of the tires. We had a good laugh, the she called her mom. When we were waiting, I saw these two cute dogs running around outside, so i opened the door to say Hi to them. And the jumped in the car. My friend and I stared at each other and the dogs like "WTF?" then started laughing again when they ran out. We eventually got a ride back to my house, then I drove over to the Barnes and Noble, and she had me pick out a book that she could buy for my birthday. I got Nightlife by Rob Thuman, and if you havent read it, by george go do so. Its a pretty darn good book, I thought. Kinda a darker fantasy about modern day monsters. Its uber good, with hot guys and absolutly beautiful non-incest brotherly love. Its SO cute. And the action scenes are nummy, as well.

So besides that and my wonderful tech friends, life has been.. interesting. I had a piano competition a few weeks ago, and that stressed me out like none other. My friend was having a birthday party the day before, and when my friends called to try to get me to come over, I said that I was stressed and tired and that day wasn't good. I also do this thing when if people keep asking I dig in my heals and don't say anything. My friend eventually hung up, and I went to bed. The piano competition went well enough; I had a minor panic attack because I forgot one piece of music and they don't let you play with out it, but we were able to borrow a copy from the library downstairs. The entire thing I think helped with my stress, because I felt more relaxed when I played. I got a superior (which is the highest score), and was fine until I found out that my teacher was absolutly Furious. It wasn't really at me, but I tend to beat myself up about little things that my have been my fault, so I was crying on the way home, and did everything I could once I got home to get my mind off it.

The Sunday was mostly uneventful, but then on Monday, things fell appart again. I went to school, and sat across from Y-chan. She totally ignored me, but I didn't think much of it because she's often like that in the mornings. But then, two of my other friends came over and she started talking to them really excitedly. Needless to say, some alarms went off in my head that something had to be up. I texted my friend and found out that she was, in fact, mad at me, and I should talk to her. I also found out that it was Y-chan who had the phone and was texting me. I spent some of that day crying because of it, but it wasn't that bad, because I found out that no one else was mad at me. The next day, I went over to her and after she gave me a death glare, I asked if we were going to talk or if we were going to keep avoiding each other. At that, she gave me this evil smile and said "I dunno, I'm quite enjoying this game". I was pretty suprised and hurt, so I just said "whenever you're ready", and we both left to class. I spent a lot of that day crying as well. The next day, whe I was at Tech I was sitting there working on something and trying not to cry, Braden came over and asked what was wrong. When I tried to say that it was nothing, he asked if I needed a shoulder to cry on. I nodded, and he came over and gave me a hug, and let my just cry. It helped so much. I apologized later for crying, and he said that it was nothing. I felt pretty good for the rest of the day. But then, I spent the rest of the week either in tears, or almost there. Except for Thursday, when I was so crazily happy that my friend thought I took some happy pill or something.

All that stuff that happened was when I was in school. After school during that week, I was up at the University where my Piano teacher teaches working with the rest of her studio and 4 college students on a monster concert that we were going to be a part of. It was so much fun, and helped me make it through the week. We were basically having 16 people playing the same song, which had 4 parts, and going things to entertain the crowd. When we came on, we were all in different outfits of the characters we decided to be, and pretended we were those people. The characters were just general types of groups: I was with two other people and we were typical teenagers with cell phones, there were 4 people who were pretending to be snobish ballroom dancers, there were 2 cheerleaders, a ballerina, a gymnist, and a kid on a pogostick. It was pretty darn fun, and the crowd was laughing when we came on and went off. Two of the people who were sharing a piano decided to pretend to fight while on the piano (one was a teen, and the other a dancer, so it worked), so they were shoving each other around while playing the entire time. A lot of the people I talked to after were worried that they were going to hurt each other. We went off as our characters as well, and then we were able to watch the rest of the performances put on. They were all pretty funny, and it was a great day. (The recital was Saturday, and we were practicing every day of the week)

But so, thats been my life. I'm still pretty depressed because I haven't had time to talk to my friend. The thing thats really killing me about the whole thing, is that She's my best friend of 7 years, and this is the first time besides about 2 days that we've ever been in a fight like this. I'm still not 100% sure whats got her so mad at me, and she hasn't even looked at me this past week. Its really killing me, and I think that its been affecting my health. Speaking of, I think Braden's getting sick, because he's been coughing all day.

Anyway, I have another piano concert audition thing today, so hopefully it goes well. Wish me luck!

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