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Monday, March 26, 2007

*Hearts everywhere*
So, I just had a wonderful Time today in multimedia. My (jerk) friends today were absolutly hilarious, but lets go from the top.
We had one of those acadamy meetings we do every Monday, and it was about finding work and what to do. Y'know, those 'How to have a good interview and get a job' talks. It was freaking long. There was one part when we were talking about online job applications and what happens when you fill them out, and Mark stood up and made some stupidly hillarious comment about the personality surveys that had everyone in the room laughing for a few minutes. After academy, the continued to make fun of me for liking anime, and Rod would get mad at me for being 'mean' to him. We also talked about my family being feminists, and when Mark heard that my dad was a feminist he stared at me with this weird expression on his face for about a minute. A little while later, Rod asked if I was so mean because I was sick. And Neo came over and stroked my hair/face and pretended to be worried while asking "Yes _____, are you sick?" They all laughed after a while because I guess I looked shocked or something. But yeah, it made me exceedingly happy. He basically Petted Me. Good lady, I'm happy.

Other than that, the weekend seemed incredibly long. I had a piano lesson on friday, because I had a compitition on Saturday. It was my first, so I wasn't suprised when I didn't place at all. It doesn't really bother me, and I wasn't all that nervous, which really counts. I'm also starting to learn Josh Barron's arrangement of Destiny Island for fun, and on my own. Seriously, if any of you know piano and Kingdom Hearts *coughRikuHeartcough*, you should try to learn them. I'm not the biggest fan of his Hikari, but a lot of this other ones are really good. Beware though, there is a plugin that you have to download to hear/print his arrangements. But seriously, I think he's really good at what he does.

Its also my friends Birthday today! Everyone say "Happy Birthday Mon-mon!" That name started as somthing that I just about randomly said, and... well.. it elevated. It makes me laugh, though. So, this is the friend thats almost like a twin to me, we see things so similarly ('cept religion and yaoi/Shonen-ai). Its a lot of fun. My birthday is on thursday, or the 29th. My sister got me my present early, and I am so. freaking. happy. Its the KHII limited edition stragity guide book. I've wanted it ever since KHII came out, but I never was able to get it. So, We're now engaged (Not really....). ^_^

And thats it. I may post on my b-day, but there are no promises. And I posted every Monday in March! That means I get to buy myself something at Barnes and Noble! Huzzah! See ya later!

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