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Monday, March 19, 2007

AGH! I almost didn't.
Update, that is. Its at the end of class, and I was working on flirting, a worksheet, and sending a e-mail to myself with guidelines for a school Yearbook. Well, more like an Acadamy Yearbook. But the point is, if I didn't have to go pick up my brother, I may not have updated. Which would have ment not getting anything at Barnes and Noble *tear*. So. My birthday's next week. And so is my not-really-twin's. Her's is three days before mine (we're really not related, we're just so alike in looks and personality that we pretend to be sisters. It really confused a teacher of ours once). I'm thinking of having a party for my seventeenth birthday, because I didn't have one of those cliche "Sweet Sixteen!!!!11!!11one" birthdays. I'm going to have to have it on my birthday, because I'm leaving the day after to go visit my second cousins for three days and ride their horses. I'm going to be so freaking sore on monday. I'm so excited. They're also expecting one of their horses to have her baby when we're up there, which should be a lot of fun.

My Physics teacher is a freaking hillarious guy. We were talking about one of newtons laws (the 4th, I think), and we were talking about how many stars there are in the galaxy. After the class made a few guesses of how many stars there were, he finally told us that there were about 400 Billion (if I remember correctly). One of the girls in my class asked how he knew that, and without missing a beat, he answered "well, I counted them". For a few minutes after, the class was chuckling. He's said some other things as well, but not to my class. My sister (a real one) had him a few years ago, and he asked the class why they thought that they put the different ends on a battery (y'know, how the + side sticks out, while the - side is flat?), and when they didn't know, he said it was so that blind people could put the batteries into their flashlights. Some people in the class didn't get it, and were all "oh! It makes sense.", while the smart people (like my sis and her crush of the time) just rolled their eyes and laughed. He's a funny guy.

So yeah. Thats all I have to report. I'm probably not going to be able to work on the layout again this week because i have this competition thing coming up for piano this saturday. And... While the piece is almost perfect, its not there yet. We're not sure what the prizes of the compitition are, but our teacher wants us to get in it anyway, for practice playing in frount of people.

Yeah, thats it for me. Ta!

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