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Monday, November 29, 2004

hallo ppl of myotaku.com! i just wanna see if ppl like my stories on rkgurl23! today, i wanna ask u (yea u!) if u liked my site, if u liked mah stories, and if u want me to continue with mah stories! so ppl:

1)do u like mah site?
2)do u like mah stories?
3)do u want me to continue with mah storiez?

so ppl! give me ur answerz by guestbook, pm, or comments! aight? THANK U!

if u ppl wanna no how i started tha storie, then herez tha storie! i got the idea of spica frum zodiac pi since tha storie waz soooooo good! and then i also liked Dark Angel on tv. i decided to make a storie tat has both of these stories mixed up togetha. and tats how it all started with mah stories!

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