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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

ello! well, looks like no one would like the celtics tickets.... RUROUNI KENSHIN IS BACK!! too bad i dont have cartoon network animore.. everiones ignoring me! (again, my life is so miserable!)i cant live like this and i need to talk to people cuz no one would talk to me animore, except robots online.... grr. i hate being a loner. A LONER!!!!!!!!!! tats so sad. boohoo. and i guess not a single person would pm me cuz my life is so boring. HEY! i should rite an auto biography about myself...... i feel like sasuke. loner, cold, and all dark inside.
or maybe naruto. unwanted, shunned. i dunno. if u have a suggestion, why dont u make a freakin comment!! >_<

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Thursday, November 4, 2004

ello! RKGURL23 IS TERMINATED....and now this iz mah site!!! ani one wants to go to the celtics game with me? i got two tickets! but sadly, its balcony seats..... sigh.... IM SO HUNGRY!!! if ani one can tell me wat kind of anime is the newest, then they can have all tha tickets

tat reminds me of myself trying to find tat perfect comic book...

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