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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A New Beginning (my poem!!!)
Burning, Destroying
A kiss that singes all it touches
Leaving behind only faint smudges
Of what once was.
But in this destruction
A light has come
Bringing forth new life;
The seed begins to grow,
A new beginning has arrived.
A chance must be taken
And sacrifices made.
The cold, steel, blade shimmering,
Pierces a frozen heart.
It does not feel or take notice
But pierced again, the ice begins to crack
Melted by a fire rekindled.
The path was there all along
Waiting for someone to take it.
It watches and listens as the footsteps begin,
Echoing loudly in the silence,
Matching the beating of a heart afire,
The new beginning has arrived

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey people... I'm depressed bc i just finished the 7th Harry Potter book.... I wanted to know how it ended, but I actually can't believe that that's all. (Devastation????? I'm okay, I do this with every series I like...) Dangit! Today is my last day of Fall break*tear* o.0 My story is now 28 pages (!!!) and I've decided to not make it a manga, but you never know, if it gets published, I'll reveal my real name and let you know (I can dream right?) Anyways, I'm gonna' go now...
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happiness!!! My story is 16 pages so far and i'm not even started yet!!!! I've been wanting to write a vampire stroy and now i've managed to pull it off!!! YAY!!!! Speaking of vampires... Last year, i drew a pic. of a guy and me and my friend decided that he was my boyfriend and she had his twin bro., mine's name is Fabeio (fah-bey-oh) and somehow he ended up being a vampire by the end of last school year, today i told a guy that he was whispering the chem. answers to me and at first he goes, "is he your boyfirend?" and i said yes, and said aww..then i explained to him that he was a vampire and was running around the room so fast he couldn't see him, he said,"i want to shake his hand" i said he's a germaphobe and won't touch you! then i told him fabeio would beat him up and he'd think it was a nose bleed, then he said he'd actulally had about 5 lately!!! i kept it up until the end of class.. it was great( he didn't bekieve me of course... mwa ha ha ha... that' the first step in world domination! *smiles*) just kidding....
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