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Friday, August 3, 2007

   thank you all
here on the O its something different the atmosphere is more friendly and over all better than myspace because we all here share one common thing and thats our love for anime and at first it started with just some ppl who wanted to talk about anything with anime now its has become a family and i would like to thank you guys for being there for anyone who needed it some ppl say srry and stuff like that when they talk about something bad or something that went wrong but the truth is you dont have to be srry were here for you to help you with what ever you need just like a family and I thank all of you for that you are the most kind ppl Iíve ever met online or offline you all should be very proud of your selfs for being so kind especially it the day and age we live in with violence and what not so once again i would like to thank ever single person on the O

i bid you all a very fond farewell
see ya around oh and be watching for something special im putting on the O i might tell a few ppl but you have to ask that or i may ask you for help but neways bye now^_^

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