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Monday, January 1, 2007

   hey happy new year!
hey peoples happy new year!!! srry i haven't been on lately i've been pretty busy with christmas stuff. I got alot of neat gifts i got a bunch of anime stuff including porco rosso and grave of the fireflies on dvd the first 8 episodes of the FMA anime on dvd and some fruits basket and FMA manga there was alot of other cool stuff too a pair of electronic drumsticks and an awesome pair of pants from hot topic and we got pets yay! the kitty which my bro picked out is named Costello and is very happy on my bed at the moment the doggy i am getting is named mustang and it's coming here tomorrow yay! so yeah i would list more stuff but it would take quite awhile anyways i got the rest of today and tomorrow off before i have to go back to school so i will try to get to peoples sites either today or tomorrow either hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year l8ters :)
also thank you to all my friends who sent me christmas ecards and i am going to try to go to my friends sites alot more often this year either way i will be changing my theme within the next few hours (i love mustang but it's a new year so i need a new theme to celebrate)and i got 1000 hits too my site too yay!

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