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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hey peoples well once again i have failed to come on for like ten bazillion months bcuz my teachers gave me so much fuckin work during first semster and shit and it pissed me the hell off and i had finals too so now i have all new classes which are boring as hell (but at least i passed my 1st semster classes) but anyway i dunno what to say really other then i'm sorry... again ..... today really sucked cuz we had a bomb threat at our school so we stood outside for a whole hour and then they took us up to the middle school and our tech school and i was in the middle school gym for another 45 min. and then they made us go back to school and we had 2 min. in our 2nd block class so they could take attendance and then the rest of the day went on as normal i was so mad we should've just been able to go home god dammit!!! T_T so as you can tell today was not very pleasant especially since there were loads of people who just left or called their parents and got a ride home (i would've have called my mom but my cellphone was in my bookbag which was in the school bcuz our teacher said to leave our stuff in there) and well you get the idea but enough of me complaining how was everyone else's day?? i will try to comment peoples at least once this week but for now i gtg i can't say when i'll be able to post again but i hope it'll be sometime this month well that's all for now ttyl
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