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Sunday, June 17, 2007

   I'm back!!!
hey peoples sup? well i'm finally back yay!! srry i haven't been around much how are ur summer's going? mine is kinda boring right now except that i passed 9th grade yay!!! which means i get a Wii!!!! so yah anyway um not much else to say i guess i'm having and awesome party for my bday on wednesday and i invited my crush and he said he might come so i was happy about that umm not much else to say right now listening to the Naruto theme song kinda bored... yesterday was weird though cuz the kids i was babysitting for the younger one's bday was yesterday so he got a ps2 and guitar hero 2 so we were playing guitar hero 2 which was fun! so that was a bit bizarre usually when i babysit i'm forced to watch stupid kiddy cartoons ack! the horror well anyways i'm gonna visit peoples sites today too so yeah well until next time Sayonara and Arigatou to all my friends here o theo for sticking by me even though i'm not on very much Natsuki: yeah and we get pocky on Wednesday! Mizuno: yay!!!! me: lol yes we do ;)
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