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Sunday, April 15, 2007

   Hey peoples i'm so so srry!
oh my gosh!! i am soo sorry i haven't been on in so long i've just been really busy and the rest of this month is still going to be really busy so i dunno when i'll be able to get on after today... but since i'm here i'm gonna see how much of a months worth of news that i can tell you well let's see... um something good i guess would be that i managed to pull my french and math grades up for now so as long as i can keep them where they are until finals and hoping that i don't fail the finals i think i'll be ok umm anime club has been really good we've been watching an anime series called Samurai 7 which is really good so far i finally managed to buy myself a new ipod so i can see the dang screen lol um i got a bunch of new songs for it too and i have an obsession thanks to my friend Amber with L'arc En Ciel and the FMA theme song done by thme i also love the song Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson (i'm going to try and find a midi for that and post it on my site especially since i think it describes my crush really well) i also found out that my crush is a really good writer which surprised me but it's still awesome although i think he still has a gf so i really can't do much about it but anywho that's about it for now actually so ttyl and if not today then i swear over the course of this week i will get to everyone's and i mean EVERYONE'S site who has updated this month because i've lost several guestbook signatures and i don't want to lose any more plus there's some people i haven't talked to on here in ages so ttyl Domo Origato!
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