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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   oh my gosh it's been so long i'm soo sorry!!
hey people i'm so so sorry i haven't been on in like...forever if i count how long i think i might pass out....i've had so much work and stuff to do though what with trying to pull my french and math grades up cuz i am currently failing both classes and having several major porjects (i still have 2 yet for english)and finding out that my crush is a senior and will be leaving in April and i still haven't even talked to him yet not to mention his gf is a freshmen like me so i'm just really confused about a lot of stuff right now and we haven't had anime club for 2 weeks now gah! i need to go to youtube later or i will die of anime deprivation the good side though is that my friend is having a party tomorrow and i'm going to one later today too so anywho enough about my time how have you all been? better then me i trust anywho i gotta go out and help shovel cuz it snowed alot last night so i will get on to visit your sites that i haven't visited in forever and changing my theme later on until then Domo Origato (not even sure if i spelled it right lol) oh yeah p.s. happy st patrick's day people
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