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Saturday, January 27, 2007

hey peoples i am back i'm so sorry i haven't been on in like forever i've been so busy this month especially with midetrems and everything i'll try to get to everyone's sights today and make sure that if i can't get on tomorrow i will post next saturday too. um... let's see i had so many things that i could tell you people but the post would go on forever lol but i have some cool stuff so hmm let's see i almost got into a fight with one of my friends and the teachers were being retarted (they didn't notice anything was wrong until i said the f word loud enough for them to hear even though my other friend was restraining me from punching him because i had instructed her to do so) I got in trouible for cursing 3 times that week which really annoyed me most of my friends are in a different lunch then me now I have a new crush although he's at least 2 yeras older then me My math class is very very boring i almost fell asleep in my french class yesterday in the middle of a quiz which i think i failed i actually updated my fanfic but i have to fix it so that you people can read it and then i can post it (i haven't posted it since the middle of last year i think) so yeah um, i can't think of anything else right now so i'll try to get to peoples sites today and i'll ttyl l8ters :)
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