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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   Hey guys i kno ya missed me right right...guess notT_T
Hey guys just wanted to drop a line. Right now I'm sitting in the school computer lab. Because I didn't knoe track practice had been cancelled. So I'm stuck here until about 4:30. Plus I'm waiting for my mom to come. So she can drop my florida trip money. O r else I can't go. And the trip is next week on tuesday. I kno time does fly. I was just writing on here about my first day of school. And now it's only 39 days well 38 now. Yay the tormenting of being a freshman. Will be endding soon then I'll be able to make fun of them stupid freshman next year. I really am having fun in high school. And to think I was going to be scared*pshaw* It's been a breeze. Other than my earth science class. Me and my boyfirend were suppose to go te movies this weekrnd but I'll be to busy packing for florida(I hope) If nt he can take me while I cryr during the whole thing cuz I'm not in florida. My mom burnt her hand at work this week so I've been trying to help her. ifeel so sorry now:(. O yeah I'M RUNNING TRACK.!Yesterday was our firs track meet and we won it by a long shot. Our MVP is my best friend Mahogany. She won all her races except one. And the only reason she lost that one was because she was tired. I lost my race of course. When you run track you need a special type of shoes. And the other team none of them had it. After that we went to ponderosa. And everybody was laughing and taking food home(we weren't suppose to buuuuuuuuuut who cares) Then I went home it was soo much fun. I won't b here (hopefully) for our next track meet cuz I'll be in Florida wit the band. Otakugirl03 isn't going. It would have been so awesomeo with her. I'm defiantely bringing her something back. Cuz she's my best buddy n the world. Well Let me get off this is waaay too loong. If you wanna contact me:www.myspace.com/flirtybandnerd


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