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Sunday, January 22, 2006

   Why hello
Wow it's been so long. It's obvious you guys didn't miss me cuz u guys don't even leave comments any more*eyes tear up* but you kno wut it's oooooooooootay. Well nuttin muhere has happen. I'm back with B.J. He tries calling me but rite now I'm mad at him. He sed he would would take me to winter formal but then changed his mine. He got me a christmas present. two purses and sum lipgloss bracelets. Me and otakugirl had so much fun we went ice skating on Fruday. We had soo much fun on ice and the best part was that we didn't fall the entire time. Only trouble we had wuz sum fat lil pig of a girl calling her a retard and giving her a dirty look. We r suppose 2 be having a sleepover the weekend of Winter formal me,her,and sum other friends. Yesterday I had to go to work at school wit my moms(real fun -_-). Well first quarter at school is over. Now on to 2nd quarter.I'm getting prepared for track season. My legs and stomach hurt so badd. I'm bout 2 go 2 the movies. I'm going to c Fun with Dick and Jane. My dad wants to c Underworld. I can't wait til summer. I'm getting my Abs in shape. Getting eady for Diabetic camp. Well I gotta go buh-bye Here r sum pix
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