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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hey here's a pretty good short narrative I had to do for English. Tell me what you think =^_^=
"What time is it?" Kiry thought as she tossed back and forth in her bed falling from reality to dream. She forced her soft hazel eyes to glance at the sky blue digits illuminating her dark room. The small numbers read five till three. "I've only slept for five hours and I'm already roused up." She expressed swinging her Tweety Bird pajama loricated legs out from under the marble-white comforter on her four poster bed. The troublesome umber strands were pressed back down in high uncontentment, but the efforts were barren. A tiny sigh of vanquishment was the only noise that reverberated through out her petite room. The footsteps on the tan carpeting made her feel like she was purely drifting across the room. Her palm soon groped the bleak bronze doorknob of her hardwood door. Click! The lock popped open and soon the door glided across the top of the tan carpeting. The darkness of the cavernous hall seemed to swallow Kiry as she stepped into the dark. The house appeared more hushed, than usual around this time, to Kiry. However, she paid no mind to it. A screak of a floorboard behind her had her whirling around on her toes. She stared into the vast shadows; just then the far off noise of hefty exhalation gained the attention of her acute ears. Her small 12-year-old physique started to shudder out of thorough alarm. Panic began to overcome her entire figure as she bolted down the hall away from the outsider of her domain. Thud. Thud. Thud. The running footsteps behind her drowned the tiny pat, pat, pat her own bare feet made. It sounded like a tremendous rampage of stampeding caribou roaring through the corridor hunting down the terrified witness. a swift right was taken down a vacant passage leading toward the parlor. Kiry bounded over to the massive recliner that her father inhabits every night after dinner, and concealed herself behind it. The footsteps had pursued her the entire way, and now were hunting for her. She rapidly seized a near by framed picture. Her hands quivered as if she were freezing to death, she speedily plucked the thin snapshot of her parents out of the gold framing. Carefully depositing it on the carpet she silently slipped the portrait into her pocket. Suddenly a large hand covered her mouth with a fine ivory cloth reeking of almonds? No, it was something sweet. Kiry wrestled tirelessly against the taut possession of her slender arms. Her strength started to dissipate along with her vision proceeding to blur and fade. Before she knew it, Kiry slithered into unconsciousness. The willowy man towered over her fragile body when a sinister smirk crept across his fiendish looking face. He bent down, gathered the little bundle of a girl into a forceful arm, then dissolved out the front door and into the boundless nothingness. Hour's later Kiry started to stir back into reality, but what brought her back was the sound of a distant conversation. "What are we going to do with her once we get the hundred million?" a crisp question reached the adolescent child in the next room. Kiry was now fully in the world of reality to discover that she was in an out-of-date room in what seemed to be a shabby cottage. Her face was entombed in the rugged carpet that had the scent of dust and iron. She tried to hoist herself up so she could get a better look at her surroundings, but to her discovery found her arms and ankles bounded tightly with a rough piece of rope. A scream started to form in the back of her throat, yet it came out only as a muffled noise. Apparently the foreigner of her home had shielded her utterance with a thin strip of silver duct tape. Another voice that sounded younger than the one that had woken her caught her attention. "The same thing we have done with all of the others before her." Footsteps were heard coming closer to the door that Kiry was facing. It was flown open with a loud bang against the wall, and a blinding light fell on the innocent heap of clothes. A silhouette stood at the doorframe in her line of sight when the youth-like voice continued, "Kill her." Kiry's eyes widened in horror at the sound of her soon to be fate. A baneful chuckle emitted from the silhouette sent shivers down her spine; the girl whimpering for her life with tears falling from her dread filled hazel eyes to the carpet beneath her made the devilish man laugh even harder. The door was slammed as hard as it was opened shut plunging Kiry into a blackout with the fiendish hysterics still echoing within her head. With panic settling in, Kiry frantically searched the room to find a way out, or at least something to slice through the jagged rope that was burrowing into her wrists. Something sparkling at the foot of a near by dresser caught the desperate eyes. It was a shard of glass from a shattered mirror. Kiry slowly inched her way towards it; the iron and dust she stirred up with every inch she took irritated her senses. As she neared the shard she kept reciting in her head, "Just a little but further. Oh God, I don't want to die. I don't want to die." The salty raindrops continued to fall from her hazed eyes. The freedom of her bounds was right in front of her; she rolled over and grabbed the jagged shard in one of her captured hands so tightly that newly flowing blood started to make her grasp slip. The adrenaline streaming through her veins blocked out all of the anguish in her hands as she vigorously worked at the cord fastening her wrists together. It seemed like an eternity to Kiry when the twine finally slacked off. She shot up as quickly as she could and started working on untying her ankles. The familiar footsteps of her home invader started to echo through the cottage as they drew near the captives' cage. Adrenaline started to pump even faster as she got the knot out, and dove behind a near by couch that seemed to be full of holes that were burned into it. The duct tape had been discarded just as Kiry heard the slam of the hardwood gateway hitting the wall. "What? Shawn! The kid's gone, Shawn!" she heard a frantic rugged voice shout throughout the cabana. A responsive young roar rattled the small wooden house more than the heftier mans voice did. "What!" A commotion was heard throughout the cottage when she overheard the same rugged voice say, "I'll go check outside. If she got out somehow, she couldn't have gotten far." Then the slamming of another distant door told Kiry that all of whom that was left in the wooden cage was her, and the evil-spirited man somewhere else in the prison. She dug a bleeding hand into the pocket containing the picture, pulled it out, and clutched it tightly against her tiny heaving chest. Just as she was about to stand up and make a break for the open door she caught the vibration of leisurely, unflustered steps. They were now within the chamber pacing back and forth. Kiry cautiously looked around the corner of the davenport to see the same silhouette she had seen earlier only this time he had something in his hand. He walked past the hole ridden day bed to the back of the alcove looking behind everything slowly and calmly. "This will be my only chance I'll ever get." the frightened girl thought as she flew around the davenport and headed for the open portal. "Hey!" Kiry heard the sinful voice shout, but she didn't stop. She dashed as fast as the adrenaline coursing through her tiny figure carried her little legs with the picture clutched tightly against her chest. Powerful explosions were heard in the background, but she didn't dare to turn around to see the source of the explosions. A sudden whizzing sound going right past her ear made the adrenaline push her limbs to move faster then they had in her entire life. The front entrance way soon came into her view; "I'm free. Mom, Dad, I'll be home soon." Just as hope commenced to fill her cold body, a burning heat was felt in her neck. Kiry stumbled to the floor, her physique sprawled in front of the portal of her freedom. A crimson liquid started to pool beneath her and mix with her umber hair giving it a mud red look to it. Kirys' sight started to tunnel as the picture of the most precious thing to her fluttered down onto the floor in front of her. A colorless hand jerked forward reaching for the snapshot when a pitch-black boot stepped in the way. "Sorry sweetie, just couldn't let you get away." The lifeless hand fell to the floor splashing into the growing lagoon of warm liquid. The baneful chuckle was the final thing that vibrated through Kiry's empty mind as her once glimmering hazel eyes became inanimate.
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