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Thursday, July 12, 2007

number three and still going strong. Sorry for not updating in so long I've been out of town a lot and away from the comp ^_^''
< > - English ( ) – thinking ~ - scene/plot change Yun whipped his head around to all of a sudden be face to face with Daimon. "Well, is he?" Daimon asked again with a straight face. "No! S-Sei is just a friend to me, nothing else. Why do you ask?" Yun said staring straight into Daimon's emerald eyes. "Just wondering, since I'm new here, I don't know anything or anybody." he responded with a simple shrug. "Well then, what are you doing here still? I thought you already went home along with everybody else." Yun said while turning around and heading out the front gate. Daimon quickly chased after him. "I was thinking about it, but then I thought, while I'm here I'll explore the town for a while." he said when he finally caught up with Yun. "Then why haven't you gone exploring yet?" Yun asked in retaliation to Daimon's ridiculous reason for staying behind. "Because," Daimon put his arm over Yun's shoulder and slowly brought Yun's chin up so they were looking deep into each other's eyes, "you are my guide. You're supposed to show me around, right?" The only thing Yun could do at that moment was just stand there and stare into the forest green eyes that were looking right back at him. He tried to pull away, however something was holding him there, like he was supposed to be there. Yun somehow broke out of his trance when he noticed that Daimon was getting closer to his face. His face was about three inches away from Daimon's when he broke from the strong grip and said, "Okay then, where do you want me to take you?" Yun asked while walking back up the street towards his house with a bright red blush plastered all over his face. "Hmmm, well what would you suggest?" Daimon asked when he caught back up with his guide. "How about we get something to eat at McDonalds?" Yun said turning the corner. "Sure, just as long as you're buying, cause I'm completely broke right now." Daimon responded with his hands interlaced behind his head with a small smirk on his face. Yun just looked at him and sighed. "Fine then. But if I'm going to buy, I need to run home real quick." "Alright then, I'll come with since I live on the other side of town. So do you live with your parents?" Daimon asked as Yun's house came into their view. There was a small silence between them until they got to his house. Yun finally answered Daimon as he opened the front door. "No." "Huh, really. You live..." Daimon was cut off by a small squeal that came from inside the house. "Yun-nii!" Li shouted as she came running out of the kitchen wearing a little bright orange apron. She jumped into her big brothers arms, giving him a welcome home hug. "Yun…nii?" "Hmm, oh yeah Li, I want you to meet Daimon," Yun said to his little sister pointing at Daimon standing in the hall. "He's the new guy in my class." he whispered to Li just being playful. He continued the rest of the introduction with Li still in his arms, "Daimon, this is my little sister, Li." Yun said as Li smiled a little waving at Daimon. Yun put Li back on her feet and she gave a low bow before she quickly scurried off back to the kitchen. "You…live with your sister?" Daimon questioned as he followed the young teen upstairs and into his room to find some money. "Well, yeah. Yeah I do. Our parents died when we were younger, and no one would take us in. So the only thing we could do was just live on our own, and for the past four years we've been doing just fine." Yun said with a sweet smile on his faces as he opened the door to his room. Yun walked in, placed his school bag on his dresser, and ran over to his desk. Daimon just walked in and looked around in awe. He was so surprised at how clean and organized Yun's room was. "Have a seat, this may take a while." Yun said still rummaging through drawers trying to find enough money. "Uh okay." Daimon muttered as he crossed the room, and plopped down on te freshly made bed. Daimon finally broke the awkward silence by asking, "Hey, just wondering, but who the hell cleans your room, your sister?" "Oh no, she does the cooking and shopping. I do all of the cleaning and work to keep us going." When the awe struck teen heard this a slight image of Yun in a French maid outfit going through the house cleaning the rooms, making beds and dusting popped into his head. The picture quickly dispersed from his mind when Yun said, "Let's go, I found enough for both of us plus some." "Alright then off we go." Daimon responded leaping off the bed. 'Oh…hey, Daimon, you can leave your bag here since it's just right down the street, and it really won't take that long for us to get down there and back." Yun said stopping in the middle of his doorframe. "Sure, but aren't we going to eat there?" Daimon questioned setting his bag next to Yun's on the dresser. Yun shook his head and said, "No, I wanna get home as quick as we can and eat here so we can finish the homework we have. Plus since you're here anyway, I can help you with anything that you don't understand." A beautifully, gorgeous smile spread across Yun's face. When Daimon saw this he had a sudden urge to hold Yun in a long embrace, but the feeling pasted as Yun left the room yelling down to his sister. "Hey Li, I'm heading to Mickey D's with Daimon. Do you want anything?" Yun didn't hear an answer from her until both he and Daimon were downstairs and waiting in the hallway to the front door. "Could you get me an ice cream cone please Onii-chan?" Li's voice drifted from the kitchen. "Yeah sure. We'll be back in about ten minutes, alright?" Yun said as he followed Daimon out the door. Yun closed the door behind him, then headed up the street to McDonalds. "So what gave you the idea of having your 6 year old sister do the shopping and cleaning/" Daimon asked. As first the dark green hair boy didn't answer, he was just staring off into the horizon. After a while Daimon was about to repeat his question thinking the he didn't hear him. Suddenly Yun stopped him; "Well at first it was just me doing everything, since I really wasn't legal to have a job, we just used the money that our mother left to us in her will. I was the one who cooked, cleaned, did the shopping, and took care of Li." Daimon stared at him awe struck as he continued, "After Li became 4, she decided that she would do the cooking, since I was really no good at it." A small blush crossed his face as he scratched the back of his head. "Ever since I could remember all she wanted to watch was cooking shows, so she could help me when she got a little bit older I guess. Ya know now that I think about it, she was pretty smart for someone her age. Well when I left for school one day she followed me, and found the grocery story on the way. She had memorized the grocery list I had put up on the refrigerator, so she walked in and got everything that we needed. When I got back home after school that day the fridge was full, and she had already started cooking dinner. So for the past 2 years she goes straight home and starts working on dinner so I can have some free time to work to keep us there." As Yun finished, Daimon could do nothing more than stare at the sidewalk trying to place himself in Yun's place. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two until Yun's calm voice broke it, "Alright, enough about me, how about you? Why did you move here, and how are you able to speak Japanese so well?" "First of all, I'm able to speak Japanese so fluently because I needed to understand it when my family and I came over here on vacation, so I could translate what other people said and what my parents were saying." Daimon responded as McDonalds came into their view just a few blocks ahead. "Ok, that explains how you can speak our language, but that still doesn't explain why you moved here in the first place." the forest green haired teen said opening the door to the fast food place for his friend. "As for that, my father was against it, but my step-mother simply insisted that I needed to make new friends and get away from business world of my father. So in other words she shoved me out of the door and told my father that it would benefit all of us. (What a load that was.)" Daimon walked through the door with sad almost angry expression on his face. When Yun saw it, he felt a sharp pain in his chest that he couldn't fully explain. It was like something inside of him just didn't want to see that look on Daimon's face. The pain quickly subsided after he noticed that Daimon was smiling again. Yun also realized that his friend was just staring at him with a confused look on his face. Then he finally figured out what was wrong. He was still holding the door and was just staring into space. "Uh…so what do you want?" Yun stuttered quickly flying passed Daimon. "Hmm, how about a quarter pounder with cheese." the response echoed through Yun's head glancing at the menu. "All right. You can go sit down and wait while I order our stuff." Yun said stepping up the cashier. "Ok." a simple shrug from Daimon as he headed off to find a seat to wait.
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