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Friday, June 15, 2007

Second part of my story. Tell me what all of you think please =^_^=
"Two minutes until the bell rings, I should be able to make it" Yun said to himself as his school came into view. He slightly picked up his speed just to make sure the he would get to class on time. He hopped up the steps to the front door, ran through the hallway, up the flight of stairs to the second floor, and straight into his homeroom class just as the bell rang. "Hey Yun! Congratulations, you actually made it to school in record rime and running the whole way none the less." a boy with sapphire blue hair and dark forest green eyes said slapping his friend on the back. "Yeah I know. I'm really surprised that I actually made it on time for once. Oh hey Sei, how's work and Siya going for you?" "Everything's going fine, for now. Oh hey, did ya hear? We're getting a new transfer student, I also hear that he's from America or something like that." Sei answered while pulling a chair up to Yun's desk. Sei was Yun's best friend and had been ever since they were kids; even after both of Yun's parents died. Out of the whole school, Sei was the only one who never confessed to his friend because he saw Yun as a friend and not a lover. Sei's full name was Seiichi, but everyone just called him Sei for short. Yun was actually the first one ever to call him that when they first met, and it just stuck with him ever since. "Class. Please sit down so I can introduce you to our new student." a young male teacher with short black and glasses said while walking in and going to the front of the class. "Alright then, before I introduce you to him, I'm going to choose one of you to be his guide for the day." the teacher announced as his light brown eyes slowly scanned the room from behind his lenses. "Hmmm, alright then I have made my decision, and my decision is " "Excuse me. Sorry for interrupting, but, Shono-san your new student is here." a young women maybe only 20 or 21 years old said poking her head in the classroom. This was Ashya sempai. She was a teacher as well, and she was also Shono sempai's younger sister, even though they looked nothing alike. She had mid-back length, auburn, red hair, and aqua colored eyes. "Ashya! You interrupted me when I was deciding the most important thing!" Shono yelled. "And what would that be?" his sister snapped back sticking her tongue out at him. "Who's going to show the new student around?" he said with pride in his voice. "Humph, is that all? Well then choose while your student introduces himself. Oh, and I almost forgot. When we get home you have to do the dishes biggie wiggie brother!" "Hey, I though I told you never to call me that at work!" Shono yelled at his sister as she ran down the hall chuckling to herself. "* Sigh * Well back to what I was saying. Huh, well come in and introduce your self before I forget about you." Shono sempai said motioning for the student to come out from the hallway and into the classroom. Everyone suddenly perked up and stared at him except for Yun and Sei. Yun was actually staring out the window not paying the new student any mind. The boy walked to the front of the room, and stood next to Shono sempai's desk. He was average height, had piercing emerald, green eyes that almost seemed to look right through you, his hair was to his lower back and was pulled back into a low ponytail. His skin was a fine tone, it wasn't tan but it wasn't pale, but the one thing that really caught everyone's attention was his silver hair. With a sweet smile on his face he said, "Hello, I'm the new transfer student from America. Thank you so much for having me here," with a slight bow he continued, "My name is Daimon Keishu." everyone gasped at this, not because of how beautiful he was, but at how well he could speak Japanese so fluently. Everyone in the room couldn't take their eyes off of him, and if you could hear their thoughts you would find out that they were all thinking the same thing. All of their faces were red and their thoughts were screaming, "He's almost as cute as our Yun!" Now that everyone had seen him they were all hoping that they were the one chosen to be his guide for the day. Glares were shot across the room as everyone was set on that whoever it was that was chosen, would be hated and despised. There were only really two people not ever taking any notice to Daimon. Those two were Yun and Seiichi. Yun was still daydreaming out the window, and Sei was busy working out his schedule of work and school for that week. "Okay, since Daimon has now introduced himself, let me introduce you to your guide." Shono sempai said as his glasses gleamed. Daimon just stood there looking over the class until his eyes caught sight of the dreaming Yun. "Yun." Shono demanded for Yun's attention. Yun snapped out of his daydream and quickly stood up to respond. "Yes sir?" "You will be Daimon's guide." Shono sempai said with an evil smirk on his face. "We can't hat Yun!" ran through everyone's mind as the final decision was made. "Well get to know each other after class. Daimon you can take the seat behind Yun." Yun sat down as Daimon started to walk down the aisle. "Nice to meet you, Yun-chan." Daimon whispered under his breath so only Yun could hear him. When he heard his name said that way it made his face suddenly become severely hot. Yun was blushing for the first time in a very long time. He sat there stunned for a second before he glanced back towards Daimon who was sitting right behind him with a smirk plastered on his face. Yun quickly whipped his head back around when he saw that smirk. "(What is this weird feeling inside my chest.)" He thought to himself. A few hours passed and the bell rang to indicate that school was finally over. Everyone gathered their stuff, and bolted out the door. Yun stayed behind to ask Shono sempai a question about the lesson since he didn't have to rush off to work today. He slid open the classrooms door and headed down the hall to the stairs. As he got to the bottom floor, and started heading for the front, Sei came out of nowhere and tackled him from behind. "Hey Yun! Do you have work today? Cause if ya do I'm heading that way!" he asked walking beside Yun with his hands interlaced behind his head. "Nope. Guess you got to go alone on this one Sei." Yun answered as they both walked out the door and into the courtyard. "* Sigh * Okay then, see ya tomorrow!" Sei yelled as he ran off towards the street to head to work. Yun waved good bye as his best friend turned the corner. "Is he your lover?" A velvety voice questioned. ~Woot another part of my really long written story down and only many more to come. Well hope you all like what's happening so far.~ =^_^= animejunkie
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