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Monday, July 13, 2009

I have two days left before I move halfway across the country >.<

ohhh boy. I've never lived anywhere besides Michigan before so this is going to be so difficult, especially since I won't have any friends to help me through it....

I've spent the past week getting with as many friends as possible and making the time count...Which means I haven't been getting hardly any sleep at all!!!! gahhhhhhh.

Probably one of the more exciting things I've done the past week was ghost hunting and partaking in two photoshoots.

Unfortunately the videos of the ghosts won't upload to myspace OR facebook for some reason, and I wanted to share them. We actually saw real legit ghosts though I doubt anyone would believe it.

Anyway, the photoshoots were a huge success. We based them both off the movie "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and they are called "The Graverobber's Bitch" and "Blind Sara"

It was mostly a grungy, gothic-opera-rock style photoshoot, but still glamorous. It was a LOT of fun :)

I'm going to miss doing that, and I'm praying once I get down south I will find a photographer who enjoys doing that style of art, because there's no way I'm modeling in pigtail braids and overalls xDDDD

just kidding. montgomery is actually a very nice town. Lots of rich people..Even the apartment we're moving into is extremely well kept, with two pools and a fitness center! yay!!! i won't get fat!

haha ok i'm rambling. how are you all doing?


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