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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

   I'm Updating
It's been forever and I have a lot to say.

First off. It's offical. I'm moving to Alabama in two weeks. I just found out tonight and I spent a good two hours crying...I'm not crying now but I'm still scared. I mean, I really REALLY want to move there. Michigan blows, but I've lived here my whole life and I have so many people I'm going to miss.

Of course, I do have a southern someone waiting for me down there. that's exciting :)

But I found out I won't be seeing my best friend before I leave because she'll be up north. That made me really really really upset. she was bawling her eyes out on the phone though so I felt really really bad.

Tomorrow I'm having a small party at my house with a few friends. My other friend thats going to be there is moving to california on July 19th for college so we're planning on crying haha.

Growing up is a pain in the ass.

I want to stay young forever. I hated high school, but I'm missing it already....just wonderful....

My southern someone told me to think of it as a new chapter in my life, and is reminding me of how much fun the two of us are going to have once I get down there....but he lives in louisiana which is a six hour drive from where I'll be living....we are planning on spending time together, but I'm going to really miss having people two minutes away that can walk over if I need it....*sigh*

summer hasn't really been that special yet anyway. I've hung out with some amazing people and all, and saw dropkick murphys in concert with my best friend......speaking of which, WE WERE PULLED ON STAGE DURING THE SHOW! IT WAS AMAZING! I can say I was on stage with dropkick murphys, dancing and moshing to "Kiss me I'm shitfaced"

yeah its kind of a big deal.

anyway, I'm not sure what to think now. I'm so excited to finally move, but I really wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

Oh well, we all have to grow up sometime.

Two weeks marks the start of my real adult life....as a southern girl.


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