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Monday, March 30, 2009

Every tiny lyric heard makes me think of you know who.
I wrote two poems:

And the sky rained purple this evening
Sheathing all creation in warmth
Dazzling the eyes of the beloved
Unearthing true feelings within.
Your face swims in the past
And though the feelings come and go
Behind closed lids itís just you and me.
And the sky rained scarlet upon my chest.
Pressure folds the senses
A velvet caress
Blinding the path
Forlorn and torn
Until sage and emerald intertwine
In a sensual dance of deceit.
Your eyes swim in the past.
And though battered sienna blends
In a mix of aqua and dust
The stare bores deep into esoteric chambers,
Pulsing, breathing, feeling.
And the sky rained indigo that night.
Swirls of smoky somber cloud and jasmine
Taste the evening passion.
Your hands swim in the past.
Gentle and warm,
Weaving a well-known pattern across spectral skin,
Familiar though new.
So new, she bleeds aquamarines.
So new, yet perfect. Familiar.
The sky rained atramentaceous despair
As footsteps disintegrated into gravel.
Cerulean winds surge and falter,
Rippling a farewell.
Your love swims deeply in the past.

~*~UNTITLED (for now)~*~
Worthless invisible
Hit n run
Say hi when I see you
Goodbye means were done
Donít know where to find you
If youíre even there
Sick to my stomach
And nobody cares.
Worthless, invisible,
Hit n run,
You just wanted a little fun.
Forgetting the damage goes beyond repair,
And I sit and condemn the heartless affair.
Worthless invisible
Hit n run
Your silence is hollow
A black, empty gun
I mean nothing to you
I cannot compare
As I saunter coldly
You go unaware.
And though itís not fair
I cannot compete
The empty feelings
The lies and deceit.
Worthless invisible
Hit n run
Pick up the bullets
And fill up the gun
Whisper goodbye
Painted lips of despair
One final kiss
As the shots pierce the air.

the second one was written about the thing i mentioned in a previous post. i'm confused still and haven't been like this in a while. If I could get some answers I'm sure id be able to sleep peacefully. and now I have to wait a week to see him. Him wanting to hang out with me again....good or bad? i'm not sure, but i will find out.

I leave for vegas/arizona wednesday. Maybe i'll even post pictures up here...maybe.

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