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Saturday, November 20, 2004

   More on my Fanfic
Hey Y'all. Before I post up my really long fic on Yu-Gi-Oh! I decided that I better put up some background info on the characters or you won't know what the heck is going on. THIS IS VERY WRONG BUT YOU SHOULD READ IT BEFORE U READ THE STORY!! First of all... We made up a few characters to make the story more interesting. They are Haley Muto Yugi's long lost twin sister. She is going out with Duke Devlin. Mackenzie (Mac)McKinley a foreign exchange studen from France. She has a crush on Bakura, and used to have a twin brother named Bernie but he got hit by a car and died! Frances Freschetta is the new bully of Yu-Gi-Oh! His dad is the creator of Freshcetta Pizza (which are the BEST tasting frozen pizzas in the universe ^_^) He has a crush on Mac, Serenity, and Tea. We invented our own Mr. Wheeler. His name is Richard and he's really tall so everyone calls him "Big Dick!" He is the coolest dad ever and acts just like a kid. Oh yeah. Joey and Serenity's parents got back together but Mrs. Wheeler hates Mr. Wheeler's Childish behavior. Granny Devlin is Duke's old bat grandmother. Haley lives with Duke and Granny Devlin despises Haley and will do whatever it takes to get her to move back with Yugi! One of my favorite characters is the gang's gym teacher. His name is Lieutennant Major Poopsie and he used to be a boot camp person before he moved to Domino. He is very mean and strict but is also a big baby. And for those of u who watch Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold he sounds just like Lieutennant Major Goose from the "New Teacher" episode! My other favorite character is Jacques "Very hotte and sexy." He is a new waiter at the Domino cafe and is Mac's older cousin! He is truly very "hotte and Sexy!" and finally we have Mrs. Poopsie. She is Mr. Poopsie's wife and plays a very small role, she is more of a mother than a wife though! lol. Oh yeah. Here are the new couples for my story.
Joey and Mai
Duke and Haley
Tea and Tristan
Kinda Mac and Bakura
and Serenity and Seto Kaiba!!!!
Plus I made it so that Serenity was the same age as everyone else to make it cooler. I think that's all for now. Hope u like my story!
NOTE: There is absolutely no meaning to this story whatsoever. There isn't even a plot or anything. It's just very very funny! lol
lata peeps
peace oooouuuuuutttttttt!

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Friday, November 19, 2004

   Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic
Hey Peeps. I am a comedy fanfic writer so I decided that I wanna post my extremely long but hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic on the site. I know it's long and boring in the beginning but if u read all the way through it you won't be sorry. So I will start posting it ASAP and enjoy! lol

Peace, Love, and Anime!

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Hey y'all gotta keep this quick. My mom said five minutes to find some anime dude's name..... I haven't gotten around to signing my peeps' guestbooks yet but I'm getting on it..... I'll do it tonight when my mom get's her "expected phone call" lol. Well I am steamed up a bit cuz they put inuyasha back on on Saturday but at 1:00 AM and that's kinda hard for me to stay up. I fall asleep watching other shows but I'll try! lol

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