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Thursday, August 9, 2007

   Embarrasing moment.
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Ok so like last night me and my mom went to her friends house, she had a lot of people over and her 2 son's Jp-14 Zach-13 [my age]
So Everything was great [ grown ups were all drunk @3@ not included as great ]
But the I had to go to the bathroom so I made my mom come cause i couldn't see a thing in that house because the lights were all of [and no i couldn't turn them on because of there pet "Newts" -.-], so she uses the bathroom then i go on the way out she leaves the door wide open! When I'm done, I pull my bathing suit bottoms up [ yeah they had a pool and we were swimming. x3] Ok so I'm close to them being fully up, but a little of my butt was showing xP. Zach walks in the living room and looks over at me and then keeps walking. I obviously scream, and then he walks right back out. I said I was sorry and that my mom left the door open but he wouldn't say a word. God that was so embarrassing!! The rest of the night he stayed in his room watching TV, and wouldn't come out for anything. And guess what, I'm going back over there Saturday[I'll fill ya in then ^^]
God the same thing happened to me when i was kid. It always happens whe I'm pulling up undies up not when im on the toilet [wich i would rather want happen xP]
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Whats Your most embarrassing moment?

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