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Monday, January 1, 2007

   its 2007!!!
its another new year! another freash start ^^
Hello friends hope your holidays were good and ya got what you all wished for ^^ i loved all my gifts this year me so happy XD lol

its hard my grandpa died right before the holidays

Well i hope my friend is going to see another light this year she's been all that she seems to think its all about her i wish i could hit her and yell something at her and walk away but then i'll just get one of her notes of her beening confused about what i said or something -_- .....she called me yesturday and we talked and i was like oh what you get for the holidays and said somethings like some cds and stuff and so i was like you want to hear what i got and useally you would say yes just to be polite and sometimes ignore that person or whatever but she was just no i don't care what you got >.< yeah...
i let it go but then we talked a little more and she started listening to Barlow Girls the song Never alone and Harder then the first time and was like oh this song is about us and i was like yeah yeah and then she started talking about when we were little when we met and she was like if i didn't meet you i think i'd be dead cuase i would kill myself 0o i was like you were about 6 you wouldn't even know what suidicde[sp?] was o0
and then she'll go into about how we have nothing to talk about and that it seems we are slipping away and i'm on the other end saying that she's not talking i'm talking and taking all her b.s and she doesn't talk about her life no matter how many times i said i would listen and she was like but u won't bla bla -_- its so annoying she's only looking at it how she wants to and no one else i've tried to...just can't and she's like my older sister

ahhhhh you guys let me talk to much!!!! didn't i say i was going to put pictures up...what pics.?? 0o oh well lol

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY i hope to get into more anime ^^ hehe but its not a resolutin those things i'm bad at keeping XP but if you guys made any hope YOU can keep them ^^'

thanks 4 the christmas cards

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