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Friday, December 1, 2006

   All Amercian Rejects are in my head ~song Night Drive cause its awsome !!
its friday and i'm off from school! XD yeah baby
So while i was gone i hope everyone was ok if not sorry i wasn't there T-T

Yes nothing really happens in my life i know its high school but really its kinda boring i just wish i had more active friends ^^' but i love all my friends!!! love them love them and you guys and girls too

Yes well today is my dads birthday!!!And saturday is my friend Enua's birthday so wish them well! and lets see my nana is taking me out to get a coat -_- i have tons of coats but she was talking about her new coat and i said something like i wanted a long black coat like what they have in the movies and well she rembered its funny that happened weeks ago and she rembers that but can't rember things like whats on her shopping list ^^'' hehe what else OOHHH i know my mom is planning on going to the movies to see Happy Feet i know iknow childish? alot of our friend saw it and said it was the best movie ever 0o or awsome so yeah we have to see it lol

OH yeah newstype usa says that Fruit Basket 14 and Naruto 12 are out XD my mom is already to get fruit basket lol see still scares me she's crazy for it 0o and i also got her into Trinity Blood and Bleach *ding-ding* yeah i'm good oh wow i have to update my anime fav.s i have to add 2 animes

OH yeah i went to NEW YORK CITY yesturday!!! yeah!! I saw the tree and ice skateing rink and state performers doing chirstmas music and theres thos really cool snowflakes on this buliding that light up when a song is playing and they go in beat its really cool if i can i'll get what i cought on here ^^ so if i forget REMIND ME REMIND ME lol
AND I GOT TO EAT IN THE HARD ROCK CAFE!!!! omg it was awsome i saw my band's signed gutiar!! ANGELS AND AIRWAVES WERE THERE!!! and the All-Amercian Rejects and they even took our picture XD i kept it because it was awsome but my was compling that she looked dumb because she was wearing a sweat shrit and me and my dad looked better ^^'

yes well i have time to kill so i comment before my nana gets here and I'll be coming back later on for all of yeah ^^

~love yas
~~~peace out

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