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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Hey GUYS!!!! OMG i missed u all!!! *hugs everyone*
Well this day was enjoable i have to sell things to get money off the band trip later in the year ^^' so i walked over to my dad's work and then my mom so now i'm home watching re runs of Beast master XD lol i'll change the channel when i feel like it......

Lets see what new with me? Well the football team made playoffs so i have a game on saturday and we also finshed the compitions so i have viedos of that and i'll have top load them up later and put them on you tube and post it up ^^ we super cool *not really* lol ^^'
so what else......
Oh yesturday i get out of my moms car at the high school and this lady is like "do you have a permit to park there" I said yes because my mom works there so she REPEATS "YOU have a permit for that spot" -_- man didn't i just say yes
so i walk up to school and i turn around and she is talking to her teacher friends so i wait by the door and she comes up to me and is like you have a permit that spo i said yes and i told her my mom worked there then she was asking what my mom's name was i told her to call her and she said ok *points finger like a gun* Bang right in the head -_- yeah dumb teacher never even called my mom o well XD
lets see what else oh i think i lost 5 pounds over the last couple monthes from band XD all that running and marching pays off ^^' all my colthes are big for me now

So did u all miss me?? i hope so XD lol now off to comment me friends *blows kisses*
0o i know this was a boring post so had fun in those comments ^^'

hehe i kinda want that to someone else now XD hahaha

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