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Friday, November 23, 2007

haha lol wow really scary worst day of the year i think :] stay inside don't go out!!! there crazy people is this world and the US has all of them o.o

yes well been a couple monthes now lol but don't think i don't come on!! thats not true! i come on at random points and just don't post anything lol
I've been busy with halo3 xD halo!!!!! i've been going online alot i met a british guy and how he's my friend on myspace :3 oh and for those who have one here my url: www.myspace.com/kisskissbangbang628

tada! hook me up but send a message telling me who you are first lol

anyways nothing really happened here i haven't finshed and games that i've been playing i thinks its impossable for me to lol but yeah... i should work on that before the holidays come so its not a over flow of games to start when i haven't finished lol
ok i shall go now
be back to comment :]

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