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Thursday, June 21, 2007

   Hey Hey
Yay first day of summer longest day of the year and last day of school and its his b-day ^^'

I useally go to school for the rest of the school year but the highschool after finails that ended on the 19th so when i went in yesterday there was like hardly anyone there just seniors *they had to practice the whole graduateing thing* and band *practice grad. music* and us -.- so there was no bells and the teachers were all like you guys aren't supposed to be here so after first period i left with my 2 friends and went home and had a party after my other friends came :D it was better then school

i think that sounded confuseing lol basically we got kicked out of school and what was weird is that we just walked out no one even cared and we walked out the main lobby area o.o

hmmm... oh i have a ps3 as you know already and i got this game motor-storm and it is so cool and it had online game playing so i was like yeah!! so i joined online and now its even cooler lol oh yeah its a racing game that takes place in the somewthing like the grand cannon but its called something else lol so if you go to best buy or a game store thats with usally have to play on the ps3 so try it :]R2 is gas and x is boost :D and i'll meet you online x3

yeah i think thats it can't think of much to say besides that 7 MORE DAYS TILL MY 15TH BIRTHDAY!! HELL YEAH ;D the 28th <3

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