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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Its been a super long time ^^'

I missed u all and from the over done homework to not being around i at last got on =]

It seems when i update no one is on lol oh well i should try updating more in the week
But anyways i hope your all good HAPPY SATURDAY!!
or sunday depending on when you read this

Well lets see what did i do over the long time
I went to Washington D.C for 3 days with the Band from school it was super cool the band got to play outside a memorial i think the Jeff guy one =P and went to tour the monuments and then went Baltimore the last day which i think was the best part everything else was boring xD lol and the band director kept stealing my seat!! >.<

And remember that guy i like? The one who's in 2 of my classes and has a girlfriend.... well my friend told me she was walking down the hallway when he comes out of no where and is like I'm bored...whens Sarah coming back? ahhhhh omg lol he missed me ^.^ lol
You should see him with his girlfriend its so funny she is like super tall i mean she's even taller then me o.o and i'm like 5.8 she's like 6.0 or something 0.0 and he is about the same height as me and i just feel bad because u have to look up all the time..... but i think they are cute together even though i like him -.-

Umm what else ohh i met a new friend she's a senior and she is into anime and i see her sometimes in my sewing class and she's has one of the free bag from SJ with Ichigo and something else so i was like i love your bag and it took her awhile before she relized which bag i was talking about and then we just started talking and later on she gave me to cds which i love <3 its a band called T.M.Revolution i think i saw somewhere that they sing a Gundum Seed ending? idk u should look into them because they are AWSOME!!! its like Tenco rock pop jap all in one really cool :]

well thats all for now i guess

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