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Saturday, March 10, 2007

where is everyone??
gosh is it me or is nobody on lol last saturday when i wanted to post i came on and NOBODY was on and i mean NOBODY!! it was scary so i thought that maybe the site was down so i didn't post ^^' whats the point if no one was there ya know....

i should say the whole week was wacky because we had testing but anyways You know those friends where u kinda just say hi and nothing else really? Well i was talking to one online *its a guy* and i joked i should say hi to u more offten because if u really get to know me i'm not all that quiet he laughed and said he'd say hello too.....So i'm at my locker right before 7th period and he comes up to me and says hello and because he's in the same class we walked together ^.^ and he said he was mad and i asked why and he told me it was one of his friend keep calling him something he's not... the girl he was talking about is really a big suck up to one of his other friends so i told him that and he kinda thought about but then the bell rang and we had to get to class lol but heres my fav. part after class i saw him walking ahead with some people saw i thought ok he's with them now but as soon has i passed he said wait i want someone to talk to (me: xxxxxxDDDDD) so i made a joke and got him to laugh i felt really special but i had to go left and he went right and we said goodbye but i felt made because i could have went with him because it was now my lunch period so it didn't matter if i was late... ^^' but yeah thats why.... and plus all my friend almost know himbut most of them dislike him but still friends kinda thing.....but i like him <3 lol and he has a girl firend that he already dated so yeah........ i'm just happy if he just talks to me

well then lol i think i wrote enough today for this post ^^' i'll going to the few who posted which isn't many lol

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