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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winter break!!
or well not really but i'm out of school till tuesday!! yay so i'm going to try posting everydy i don't think friday or saturday i'll be around much but i'll get too it lol

I'M NOT DEAD!!!! thats something to celabrate isn't it lol jk
well yesturday was a snow day!! ^^ so i spent it with my friend it was fun ecpect when we are watching movies she'll keep going oh this is getting good i can feel it or uh oh thats bad she's do it repeatly its annoying i think she does it because she wants to make sure u hear her or see if you say something but after 5 times of it its really annoying >.<
Oh dear look at me rambling on about my friend promblems again doesn't it seem thats the main topic in my post latly....i shouldn't use latly being that it hasn't been a post latly.....hmmm oh well lets see I have write a reasearch paper on something in history thats not USA history and it has to be in story first person format =] ii love writing stories so once i get all my info down pat i can start writng!! lol yes well its hard to find what i want on the web so i might have to go to the libary later on -_- but ohwell maybe i'll go with a friend *sigh* Oh right I'm going to be a japanese girl on the day of the atomic bombing on Nagasaki[sp?] and so i know my whole story line in my head so far theres one part where she sees her mom dead in the steet after getting pushed in a crowd and her brother will be in the mother's arms i haven't thought if i want the brother to be alive or dead T-T
maybe when i'm done i'll post it up and u guys can read it

ok anything else?? hmm not much ok time for sites tho the 20 i vist i'll only get about 3 comments ^^' serves me right for not being here in so long

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