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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hi! Yesterday I went to the Pizza Party for the fundraiser!^_^ It was nice.
Today I'm going to my friend's little sisters party! I'll get to hang with Laura and stuff there^_~
I have to stop by wallmart to pick up a present...XD
It's going to be held at Jelly Beans! (a roller skate place)

Did you guys watch last weekends YU-GI-OH? It was so sad! Poor yugi! *sobs* Although, yami was hot with red eyes...XD
I just watched it yeterday afternoon since I wasn't able to watch it-_- Today I'm taping it!
Also, did anyone see last nights Gundam Seed? Athrun and Cagalli make such a cute couple! I wuv them!^_^ Tonight Rave Master comes on! I can't wait to see it! I'm sure there will be some good Haru and Elie moments!^_^

I made some icons^^ After that episode with yugi I just had to make these^^

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