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Friday, December 17, 2004

the other day i had this nightmare...so dude tried to kill me...there was 2 thou..in the first one i dont rember what happeneed all that well except that i was at my friends house who i dont know(friend in dream) and in the second one i was in my house..my and my brother had a few friends over(nothing happening) when some dude tries to kill us so we call the police and they dont do shit(the # was still 911) and then this dude in all white like all indian clothes to( a bit like sesshomarow[cant spell his name ^_^] except covered from head to toe in the clothes...) and kills our friends and me and my brother run out of my room(where we all were) into his room and hid. I tried calling thecops but dropped my phone. I hid under his bed(which was higher than it really is..considering u cant hid under it..) and he hid behind the door. then the murder dude comes in his room and jumps on the bed 2 times thyen gets off..looks under thye bed sees me gets bck on top of the bed and stabs.. I woke up and and i shot outta my bed..i didnt sllep that night
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