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Friday, December 15, 2006

   I'M BACK!!!!
Whoa! I definitely have not been on for a while ^^;;…Sorry I’m been very busy with School, work and other stuff that had to be place in my days. I never been so busy ><;;…Now I’m looking for a job xp, Well next week are finals and I shall be finished from college WOOT! Well I like to say I’m a proud owner to a very cute puppy who shall be five months this December ^.^…We call him Rocky and he a Shih Tzu…he such a cutie I love him to death!

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In October I went to my niece 2nd birthday it was a costume party I dressed up as a Greek goddess…it was mondo fun! XD…And then came my 20th birthday on November 11th…one more year and I shall be legal for many things xD…Let’s see I also been more busy because I joined a gym…I have my own personal trainer, it awesome to have one I’m very lazy and won’t do anything, but you get very motivated when someone on you 24/7 lol

I decided that this Saturday I shall get a tattoo, hopefully my cousin shall join me or I won’t go…I don’t like going somewhere alone ^^;;…Well I also had my time taken away from here because of gaiaonline.com >.>;…I just love that place it so fun! And also because I read my “Dark Celebration” by Christine Feehan..I LOVED IT!!….Also I became also another addict for Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-hunter book series…that the book that gave me the tattoo of my dream because the Dark-hunter have one, but
I have to be secretive about it or my mother shall have a heart attack xD….Well this is the Tattoo I want:

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I really can’t wait to get it >.<….So now I shall stop my rant and wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!….incase I disappear again…hopefully I won’t ><

Ah this is what my Friend Kemirra on gaia made me for X-Mas….this is my avatar and what I wear there, she really save all the stuff I ever wore on my avi xD…I just love it and it does make you a bit dizzy xD

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Also I have read/seen Full moon Wo Sagashite…which there a AMV on my page, please take on look and tell me what you think…I love Full moon wo Sagashite…it is totally an awesome anime it made me cry, it 52 eps. Long but well worth it and the song on the AMV is from the anime and it touches my heart Everytime I listen to it ^.^….Okay enough of my ranting! This is the longest I ever wrote xD

~Have an Awesome day~

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