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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

What up guys?! Hope everything good. Well I'm so happy I got Trinity blood here with and will watch it when I got the time which is soon, since I have a week off school YAH!! I passed my classes and final are over. I spent night till 3am to finish 3 term paper tha were at least 6 pages ~sigh~ That was hard. Now I put another Pretear vid....The band that sing "Posion Girl" is HIM!! I like this song and it goes awesome with this. Anyways hope you like it...oh OMG I'm really happy b/c my fav. Author new book came out "Dark Demon" it was totally awesome I love it! I cannot wait until september her new one is going to be a reunion of all the character "Dark Celebration" ~Squeals~ I'm so excited about it and it so hard to wait since I waited a whole year for "Dark demon" Well anyways I order the book so it be sent to my front door and I will not be heard from in 3 days or 2 or maybe longer I might want to savor it xD. Well I'm going to go visit everyone site as best I can ^.^

~Have an awesome day!!~

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