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Saturday, April 8, 2006

   Hi ^_________^
Hey guys how it going? Well where should I start...I finally seen the FMA movie it was Awesome and I won Trinity blood I can't wait till it get here. This spring is pretty weird on thursday it was snowing o.O...and than today it rain than snoa a bit again. WHAT GOING ON?! anyways I'm on spring break YAH!!Time to cathc up on some needed sleep xD. Hmm...I read Bleach Vol. 4-5 Really good...I also read absolute boyfriend Not bad ^.^ and I want to read so many thing and see as well that I may end up broke xD. Ah my bg is Lord Cain ~sigh~ he so cute ><...lol and I mention the Manga Godchild before so yea Lord Cain is from it ^.^. I won an award form this site for knowing a quote [IMG]http://i2.tinypic.com/t9unu1.jpg[/IMG] Yup of course I'm good at my Fushigu Yugi lol. Well idk what I'll be doing but I guess I should comment no lol...well if I don't get to some of you forgive me Y-Y...I placed a new Music video of Pretear tell me what ya think I just love the song and stuff ^.^

~Have an Awesome day!~

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