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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   Made it!!
WOOT Here before this month over ^.^...Well how is everyone?! I hope good....well let see I read all 18 vol. Of Fruit basket OMFG It soooooooo good but sadly I must wait for the last book to come out so I may know what else happens. I have watched many things I read some manga's like one called Baby and me it alright and I seen Inuyasha the 4th movie it is totally awesome ^.^! Lately I bougth this anime called Air I'm waiting for it to get to my house I been really interested in seeing what it all about. The series Inuyasha keep getting better and OMG FMA ended in acliffy DAMNIT!!! Well I g2g to look for that movie now >.> and idk what else to say but I definitely love watching Pretear again and agin ^.^..Well I can't think of many things to say now but I need to get to class xD so cya later guys hopefully Soon ^.^

~Have an Awesome day!~

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