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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   Yea....My bad ^^;;
Okay 1st FORGIVE ME!!!! I have not be on for so long...I is an ass. Well I hope you forgive me...I shall comment on everyone site soon, hopefully. Anyway How are you my otakans? hope ur good. Let see well I been and finished reading Juvenile orion...it actually awesome itshort but totally good. Well I been hearing good things about Bleach and have decided to purchases it. OMG my friends broke up it really long story but I is in the middle again I understand both there reason but WOW....I rather stay out but it gonna get awkard...let OMG DNAngel is awesome I love it...I understand the whole Dark thing but I like Daisuke more. DAISUKE AND RIKU 4ever!!!! Well that it I guess well nice chatting I shall retunr hopefully soon until than Adios!!! I have to get to class now XP I will totally come comment on everyone bye!!!

~Have an Awesome day~

P.S Hope U like my new Bg ^^

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