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Monday, November 14, 2005

   I'm an angel
Yeah Right! LOL well OMG I'm updating in the same month LOL. Well today is Songofanime BIRTHDAY!! plz may u visited her and say happy birthday thankies ^^...let c on my b-day didn't come home till 2;30ush am YAH! I had a party at my house sat. I made $110 YAH got to paid my bills lol. I'm in school right now XP so bored.....
*Tasuki walks next to her* HERE....*hand her a soda*
Anime: O0o0o0o0o thankies my love *hugs him*
Tasuki:Heh ..let go!
Anime: well guys meet my husband *Still hugging him and then kiss him*
Tasuki: *Push her and wipes his cheek franticall* ECK.....quit
Anime: YOu know u like it ^^ Well I guess that it for today hopefully I update soon......After school finish I should hope that my honeymoon starts ^__~ lol
Tasuki: 0__o.....honeymoon? *Runaway*
Anime: ^^ *Take out rope like one of those cowgirl thing and get Tasuki pulls him toward her* LOL well cya laterz My loves *huggles everyone* ^^

~ Have an awesome day~

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