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Thursday, September 29, 2005

IDK but I been acting like such a girl lately...I mean and I'm one lol! I have found myself flirting and checkin guys butt lately....which is usual for me. hmmm....... maybe I was in one those kinda thing a rut....so I guess my hormone kick into hard drive LOL ^_^! Well anywayz school was okay! I'm soooooo tire My friend woke me up at 4:30ish am to go jogging I told her to go to hell LOL I love sleepin I get mean if someone tires to wake me up ^_^! Well I didn't jog...I walked lol!I think we're going to do it again which sux....but I'm too nice and worrier cuz I don't want her to be out there by herself.... Songofanime refer her as my "Girlfriend" LOL...cuz she alway nags me to death and want me to be with her all the time u might remeber her as the one that came back from germany and than a week later got mad at me and we broke up for a while ^_^....for some reason she always get mad at me...which is funny cuz I don't do anything now I know how my bro feels lol! Well we were talkin and she wants to set me up in a blind date thing *shivers* =_= that not good cuz the guys she setup with my other friends were....how can I put this...ewwwwwwww! LOL they were jerks...I got no problems with looks!just as long as the guys nice, sweet, romantic, funny, a little bit of the jealous side...well it give more favor...well at least for me LOL! Well I hope I didn't missed any sites if I did sorry! Thanx to everyone who like my new BG I think I keep it up for a while...Than put my Tasuki back! ^_^ Well I hope you all Have an awesome Day!!!!


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So close...
You are almost a sister/brother to your best
friend(if already aren't), you have a very
special friendship...You're nice and loyal.
That's really nice, you are a life-time friend!

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I'm not a bad friend huh?! ^_^

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