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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   UPdate Finally!!
Hi guys it be a while since an update huh?! Well nothing much happening! College is becoming stressing *sigh* O got a cold....I can't breathe out of my nose I hate that! And now wit this cold I pass out easily in bed LOL! Well anywayz...... YAh! New eps. of FMA Finally! Did everybody like the Escaflowne movie? I had that movie for a while so I can c it a lot of times! Well I think my friend going to drag me to the theatre this friday to watch Vemon...I Don't want to c it I hate scary movies! Well I'm trying to get to everyone sites! I hope I did get to everyones! Plz forgive if I haven't I probably will tonite if H.W doesn't get in the way. My niece 1st B-day is coming this oct. 22 it going to a costume party :D Songofanime is coming with me! We have to shop for a costume LOL! I can't wait! I got to figure out what I want to dress as hmm...Well I started on a fanfic on mediaminer.org it Called no stealling ppls it The demon and cupid! it a Sesshy/kagome story cuz I kinda like that couple I mean no offense with inuyasha I love them together too! But I don't know just felt like it :D! Well that bout it today I guess! Well I hope u guys have awesome dayz!!
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