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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   hi *yawns*
Well it late I'm tired! well sorry if I didn't get to ur sites I try my best!I just got distracted Started Downloadin some music I Love aventura and Joe veras They sing the most romantic Bachata songs *sigh*!I was wonderin (I been doin that lately) LOL! Where was i oh yeah! Has any1 ever read the Manga called "Wish" I love it it so cute I leaned it to my friend songofanime like a month an a half ago Geez wat takin u soooooooo long J/K I know ur busy wit that thing!well hope ya can take a time to read my last post cuz I kinda put in a little late LOL!Well cya later!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I had an interesting day! well let c went to the Doctor today took like 3minutes Thanx goodness! let I'm not a big fan of the Buger king MY mom took me there cuz I didn't eat anything so we at the drive thru and she gives the guy the money ten buck but the wind blew it away!We went to look 4 it but couldn't find it well we had to pay again.......My mom was so po'd she was cursin (in Spanish) and drivin like a manecia Let just say I was happy that I was wearin a selt belt LOL! well I just sat there very quietly just lookin at my food thinkin I don't really like BK that much but I eat it didn't want to get her po'd even LOL! After that scene she drop me off at work (Boring)! and then after that I went to Songofanime house and we started to c FB WE were laughin alot and tryin to figure the characters out! well that bout all that happen today! well c ya guys around! and thanx 4 those who comment on my last post! and I'm trying to get to everybody's site if I missed a few sorry!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It 12:39am I got home 25min ago! I finally saw 40 yr. old virgin it was funny! ME and my friend were catchin up we haven't see each other 4 a while and we were talkin bout The crushes that we had through high school! My friend is still hook on one particular guy!I say that he is goodlookin, and he like the nicess charmin guy ever! He wat girls dream 4! LOL! anywayz.... I'm happy that my mom hadn't been callin when i was at the theatre or i would had been Po'd!There something i wanted to ask everyone I can't remeber *thinkin*..........*thinkin*...... Oh yea *whoo* bout to burst a vein lol! anywayz Has any1 ever heard of Christine feehan she an author of parnormal romance and other books! I was wonderin if anyone ever read her "dark series" collection there really good I got all of them I'm waiting 4 the new one to come! IT called "Dark Demon" doesn't come out till march 2006! Oh I also saw wit Songofanime the first 3 esp. of ceres does anyone ever read or seen it b4 just wanna know! I thought it was very interesting!and one more thing b4 I end this... Has anyone ever seen Nightwalker I think it good and funny...I actually bought it! well that it 4 now I think this is the longest post I wrote! it now 12:54am LOL! well cya around ^_^!
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wow haven't updated 4 a while huh?! Well anywayz.......did anyone c that new esp. of Inuyasha it was sooooooooo funny ^_^! Miroku had me rollin on my floor LOL! Lately I been havin cravings! like Ice cream and chesse cake...and wat sux i have to save money cuz i'm broke *sigh* Well yesterday was grandma b-day so i saw the whole family well actually half. Yea...grandma had 9 kids! My mom the oldest! But i been told that my grandma mother had 13...talk about overkill lol! Well I guess that it for now! TTYL! p.s forgot to add this I join the Hatori fan club If u love hatori just pm ku ma gume girl and can becaome a member too plzzzzzzzz!!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well finally got my new comp. and it fanatic!!! sorry 4 those i couldn't check out there sites had to go to the doctor yesterday and today i clean my room well seeing that this will say 8/18/05! well anywayz I install my new computer which was very easy! and while i clean my room on 8/17/05 I found certain things that I thought I lost go figure! I'm tooooooo lazy to clean LOL! well hope that I get to see everyone site very and if I don't sorry! Cuz today me and my friend Songofanime who is havin trouble wit her comp. going to c a bunch of anime series or something b4 i go to work I hope we do! if not I guess i'm going to chill wit my cuz! well thanx 4 those who commented on my last post and hope to heard from u soon! ^_^!!!
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

YAH!!!! I got me a Dell! I finally got a comp. it won't be here till this friday i think! well anywayz at the moment I using my baby niece mom who also a good friend and my only older bros g/f..........anywayz i'm using her comp. I'm sooo bored without my comp.! I finally saw the whole series of Fruit basket! Everyone was right it is good and hilirious I'm actually buying the manga's soon!! but not sure kinda broke! LOL! Well it been nice readin everyone comments from last time i updated. Well TTYL guys hopefully!! ^-^!!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Yea I know haven't updated 4 a while! Well my comp. is actin really stupid lately and i can barely do anything on it So sorry to everyone who i couldn't visit there site! I think i be getting a new comp. (Hopefully)! so how it going everyone! My weekend kinda sux...I wanted to go clubbin but couldn't :( My parents went out of town then came back at 11ish or something my mom said i needed to be home so couldn't sneak out *sigh* and I sooooo wanted to see aventura! But then again I'm glad i didn't go I heard the guy i was dancin wit 2 sat. again was there He would had made it akward (I can't spell) cuz I only dance wit him cuz I wanted to dance I would had dance wit anyone who ask me! He told me I was beautiful I was flatter (Who wouldn't be lol) And than he ask me to marry him. At first thought he was jokin around but he was really serious (We only know each other 4 at least 25mins.) Well anywayz u know I was very uncomfortable Lucky for me two others guys ask me to dance! I diddn't come home till sunrise I totally had a blast except for that part I mention. but either way I was sore and numb waist down I barely got to sit down that day! I want to go dancin again!!! Well that it for today hopefully i update soon or get a new comp. very soon (I want a new computer!!!) sorry bout lol! cya soon!
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Thursday, August 4, 2005

I just finish watching Escaflowne! I only see like a little of the esp. b4 on fox till they cancel I kinda understand y they did it. anywayz it was really good but I didn't quite like the ending very much it ends just like Wolf's rain and Cowboy bebop leavin u unfullied. All I know is that Van doesn't really have much dialogue! and he the main character. And i notice something of Van and hitomi voices Their the same voices from inuyasha's Miroku and Sango. there a part where van said something stupid to hitomi and got slap well if u saw u would have thought very ironic but anywayz not complaining I did like also bought the movie b4 the series and the series is better than the movie. well that my opinion! I hope to hear u guys opinion or comments ^_^!
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Monday, August 1, 2005

I'm soooooo happy! I just bought on Amazon.com The whole series of Escaflowne and Fruit Basket can't wait till they get here!! Well Escaflowne got here 2day But I'm waiting 4 Fruit Basket I heard it good.
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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Well can't figure out this thing but let at least talk or chat w/e! Anywayz does anyone know about Angel Sancturary? I find it interesting i read a little bout it so far 7 vol. and seen 3 eps. I kinda like it u know cuz the comedy i still trying to get use to the romance parts which is somewat wrong in so many level but I like it how about you guys?
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