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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Hello everyone I started school today which sux! I wit my cuz right on her computer. Well Today at school was alright! Oh just incase Ya'll don't know I'm in college 2nd year! :D I be finishin perhaps by May hopefully!Well Anywayz I'm Starting a Club it the Tasuki Fanclub! So plzzzzzzzzzzzz if u love tasuki plzzzzzzzzzz join Thanx! I will get on everyone sites tonite I hope if not 2morrow I will try!!But plzz spread the word of my new club!! Thanx sooo much guys!!! Hope u have an awesome day!! Ohh today I get MY inuyasha movie YAH!!! nd again have an awesome day!

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Monday, September 5, 2005

Okay so I went clubbin on sat. nite! I had some fun and then I didn't! Why do guys have to be pervs. you know I just want to dance and have fun 1 guy I dance wit thought he can just feel me up while dancin I had to grab his hands all the time and he even tried to lift my skirt! After that he said he said liked me I was like "come on!" We only met now and dance to 2 songs!Oh yea and he wanted to kiss me I was like "No way!" I told him I had a b/f even tho I don't but anything to get him to back off! I wanted to leave I told my friend but me and her started dancin together! after that the 2nd guy was okay! Then the third guy was like at first we didn't talk just dance which was okay till he also started wit that he liked me i'm like "OMG!". Me and my friend were leavin. The third guy wouldn't leave me alone I was like I didn't have a phone and told him I'm comin next sat. which I'm not! I don't think I be going there for a while! the good thing was the security guy I was talkin to at the club he also help me wit the third guy he saw me cryin for help!My friend like the Dj guy there but he broke her heart cuz he was makin out wit some girl! We had a long talk me and her!But I guess it was okay...and it will not detter (hope spell that right)me from clubbin! ^_^ well sorry if I didn't get to ur site but I will today in the afternoon perhap cuz I haven't had much sleep! Well I hope u guys have an Awesome Labor Day!
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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Hello! Finally it the weekend and we got monday too! Well me and my friend were basically driving mindlessly around! We went to look for this club that ppls say it poppin! Well we're going 2morrow nite or tonite w/e! so if I don't really get to ur site I'm soooooo sorry! but I will when I recoperate from this weekend! since it going to be very busy! well Cya later guys! ^_^ And have an Awesome day!
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Friday, September 2, 2005

How is everyone doing? WEll not much happen!My friend started her first day in college...she already made a friend!I saw my niece today she soooooooo adorable I just love her! I'm watchin robot chicken it hilarious!It seem my bro was playin poker online today!

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U guys probably seen this many time but I love it! It the only time we see them ever kiss! Well I'm going to bed now! cuz it 12:10am here and need sleep! I look at everyone site when I come home got a busy day 2morrow. Hope u all have an awesome day!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Yea about the pic I thought that it be bigger I don't know wat happen oh well!Well today nothin much happen went to suncoast bought me a Hiei plushie doll it sooooooooo cute I love it! I also reserved The third inuyasha movie So when it come out I'll get a called and pick it up YAH! I can't wait to see it! I was wit my friend she not into anime but she does love Sailormoon! I know wat to buy her on her B-day! I was talkin to songofanime right after we hangup My friend called and was askin me about the guy that I drop her off to meet...he was okay I guess! I was kinda of funny...cuz i wanted to see the guy that got my friend all worked up about...I ask his name and age and everything...told him to take of her and treat her good and get her home by 10 o'clock LOL (This is the friend that broke up wit me for a while then we got back 2gether) he brought her back at 9:30 I like him already LOL! So how everyone today? ! I'm going to chill wit my cuz! So I'm happy to say that I got to everyone sites yah! well cya guys around! I hope you guys have an awesome day!

~Oh yea I finally got the whole series of Fushigi yugi I soooo happy! Me and songofanime got two day Sunday and Monday to see them all We going to pig out LOL! So incase I don't comment on everyone site that day Sorry! I will as soon as we are able to move LOL! Cya later! ^_^ ~

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Okay I'm sorry for site that I missed! Plz forgive me! I just got house...Me and Songofanime finished Seeing Fruit basket! IT bought tears to my eyes! I love Kyo more than ever!So yesterday I was lookin at my E-mail and a friend sent me this pic It so cute I had to share it wit everyone!

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Doesn't Inuyasha look cute wit bunny ears My friend found at Inuyashaworld.com the fanfiction selection And it come wit a story I didn't have time last but I will when I come back from work or w/e! Well hope u guys Have an Awesome day! ^_^

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well not much has happen in my life today!I had seen Ninja scroll not bad I like it! I also saw King of bandit Jing Really good! I must say Jing ani't that bad lookin LOL! Well I don't want to go to work 3day but have to need money!I bout to start school soon *sigh* I don't want to go -_- but a lass I must must cuz mom a meanie j/k! Well how everyone 2day! Sorry if I missed any site my comp is actin slow (I hate dail up) I'm going to my cuz house and perhaps use her comp. to get some thing up on this site! well Hope everyone has an awesome day! oh yea! has any1 saw that new serie premire Prison break? It alright I guess but I only watch it cuz that cutie from those mariah carey video waas the main character ^_^! cya guys around!

I did it guys on my own comp I finally put the banner of the club I joined YAH!!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well me and my friend r now good! I called her and left a message on her phone. I told her I'm not going to apologize cuz I didn't do anything and she should finish a frindship 4 soooo long over something so stupid! And soon she apologize b/c I really didn't do anything! Well I'm happy cuz I love her very much and it would hurt me if we were never friend.Well I almost missed Inuyasha *whew* good thing something told to change it to that channel or I would had freaked! LOL! Well I'm watchin Pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl...It really funny as my bro told me...And i find Orlando bloom very sexy *sigh* and Johnny Depp is hiliraious and also handsome in that rugged pirates *Drool* ( Fantanises coming up in Anime head)-_-.... -O- sorry bout lost myself there LOL Well hope everyone had an awesome day! I'll c u in next post hopefully! ^_^
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well let c I went to the movie and saw The brother grims! It was pretty good! Heath ledger cute as ever! LOL! Well u know the "friend" I mention on my last post that return from germany! Well she broke up wit me or something LOL! (Not like that pplS) I don't know why she didn't want to talk it out instead she acted like a child! I mean it isn't like I was avoidin her this week I been busy! I had doctors apps. and had to go to work! And she think that she my only friend Like I should be attach to her or something I do have other friends to give attention too! and she know them! so she could have come 2! I even asked her! Well it doesn't matter cuz I acted like an adult wit her but she wanted to act like kid so let her I don't care anymore I'm not going to sweat it no more!.......Well got that out of my system LOL! well how everyone today? I have a feelin this weekend is going to be a bored for me LOL! well Cya around!!! ^_^
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Friday, August 26, 2005

   HELLO! Just letin ya know a little about me & wat I deal wit LOL!
How everyone doing? WOW I'm bascially postin everyday now!I guess I love this site toooo much! so today I was definielty bored meaning today was yesterday @_@ yeah that right! Iwent to work *snore* I got my check today YAH!I'm gonna chill wit Songofanime 2morrow or 2day w/e! well anywayz....my mom had got my attention to look at my dad back while he was asleep....his skin is fallin off and being a dummy I went and just thinkin I'll peel a little bit off got a long @$$ piece skin off *shiver* ewwwwwwwww! My mom just started laugh her butt off and commented that he peelin like a snake! That another thing my mom afraid of snake and I want 1 soooo badly! and I'm afraid of spiders *shivers* My niece wants 1!Well we can't have either *sigh*! Let see well I have one older brother who 27 yrs. old and has five kids one the oldest is 7 you do the math! LOL! He has 4 girls and 1 son!Well being surrounded by so many babies since I was 11...They were my birth control...havin kids now will be a danger to my heath! It doesn't mena I don't want any just not now..you know! maybe when I' 26ish LOL! okay back to wat I was writing He used to be in the marines now he said that he signing up again but in the army! I said go for it! MY mom doesn't want him to go! My mom is a worrier especially when it comes to my bro! I'm bascially the only one supportin him!( I was the first one he told. I guess he needed courage to tell mom or something...and usually i think that he wants my approval or something...maybe cuz I'm the only woman that doesn't nag him to death lol!it doesn't matter he would do it even if no one approve of it!)I love my big bro even tho his a big dummy....but if that wat he wants then he should go 4 it right! well I guess that about all I have to say today! so c ya guys around! ^__^ !!!!! Wow this is the longest post I ever wrote LOL!

~~~P.s. I 4got to mention on 8/22/05 that my Friend came back from germany.. she told me she saw the pope 3 times!~~~

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