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Monday, October 3, 2005

   ^_^ Hey
I know it been a while since I updated....well been busy and going crazy as well lol. hmm...well I got addicted to this site called gaiaonline.com I never roleplay b4 and I like it. I'm also doing another research paper it sux it got to be 10 pages long ;_; someone help I one gotten one sentence. I'm just lazy...I really need to stop that habit. I see everyone doing good. Sorry for those that I have not gotten to there site I will as soon as I comp after work since write now I'm at school using their computer since mines acting like a bitch...and right now I'm waiting for my next class. Oooo I bought me an Inuyasha calender it was a hard decision sine they also had FMA there too luckily I had Songofanime with me she observe bot who me and since she saw Sesshomaru in it she told me to buy LOL ^_^ We saw a Kyo plushies doll but we seen better it wasn't really good. We also went to the pet shop luckily I'm 18 cuz we got to go in one of those corela thing to pet the puppy Songofanime named her chewy since she was tearing up her pants and shoe lace LOL. We're almost Done watching the complete set of Fushigi yugi only the movie left and we're done YAH! ^_^it only 1:17pm here and My class don't start till 2o'clock man I could had been taking a nap in my car or at least go flirting ^_^ LOL I have no shame if this keep up I'll end up like Miroku but I doubt any of the guys here will mind LOL.

~~~Well Have an Awesome day guys hope to see ya'll again^_^

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

IDK but I been acting like such a girl lately...I mean and I'm one lol! I have found myself flirting and checkin guys butt lately....which is usual for me. hmmm....... maybe I was in one those kinda thing a rut....so I guess my hormone kick into hard drive LOL ^_^! Well anywayz school was okay! I'm soooooo tire My friend woke me up at 4:30ish am to go jogging I told her to go to hell LOL I love sleepin I get mean if someone tires to wake me up ^_^! Well I didn't jog...I walked lol!I think we're going to do it again which sux....but I'm too nice and worrier cuz I don't want her to be out there by herself.... Songofanime refer her as my "Girlfriend" LOL...cuz she alway nags me to death and want me to be with her all the time u might remeber her as the one that came back from germany and than a week later got mad at me and we broke up for a while ^_^....for some reason she always get mad at me...which is funny cuz I don't do anything now I know how my bro feels lol! Well we were talkin and she wants to set me up in a blind date thing *shivers* =_= that not good cuz the guys she setup with my other friends were....how can I put this...ewwwwwwww! LOL they were jerks...I got no problems with looks!just as long as the guys nice, sweet, romantic, funny, a little bit of the jealous side...well it give more favor...well at least for me LOL! Well I hope I didn't missed any sites if I did sorry! Thanx to everyone who like my new BG I think I keep it up for a while...Than put my Tasuki back! ^_^ Well I hope you all Have an awesome Day!!!!


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You are almost a sister/brother to your best
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I'm not a bad friend huh?! ^_^

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sorry if I've missed some site trying my best ppls. But is like otaku going slow or something or is it my comp. Cuz I never seen it go this slow b4 hmm....anywayz I hope u guys like my Bg I was in the mood of putting this one The dark haired man is Dee and the blond is RYo Two hunks that likes each other XD! This Bg from a manga called FAKE if u read the last post u might understand why me like the manga! I'm Yaoi lover ppls I don't discriminate! I love anything As long as there Romance, comedy and action ( Of any types -_^ LOL) Well I will get to everyones site at school perhaps cuz it faster! Well have an awesome day!
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well I'm having problems with my comp. I can't seem to put a new BG I wanted to put the two characters of FAKE!*sigh* Well I had a good sat. Me and Songofanime chill the whole....we were basically everywhere. I bought my niece a stewie shirt that said "I'm going to crap double for you tonight" XD LOL, bought it at hot topics. We check out the mall so we can but our costume but nothing good well there still time to look. OOOoo Guess wat........I bought 4 volumes of FAKE I lOVE IT!!! IT soooooooooooo awesome LOL, I bought those on friday yeaterday I bought Desire love it too it soooooo cute *squeals* Just so ya'll guys know all the Manga's that I bought are Yaoi! I'm big fan if it cute, romantic, and Funny I'm into! Me and songofanime finally finished watching Fushigi yugi the series now next week it the ova's. hmmmm... I was wondering does anyone know wat site u can upload music or video to get the codes? I got this clips that I want to show u guys they very funny and cute! I'm very sorry to everyone that I had not gone to your sites I'm been very busy. Oh yeah bout the job I got it on tuesday started on wednesday then quit the same day LOL ^_^; well wat can I say I didn't like it much. I was basically a telemakerner I usually hangup on them or say my parents not home... Well I now know how they feel lol.But thanx for giving me lucks. Well love ya all! And have an awesome day! ^_^

~~ It been a while since I been to the club, so I might go next weekend not sure tho~~

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Monday, September 19, 2005

How everyone doing? Well I just got home.MY friend and I went to c see this guy he very famous in the latin world I think his name is SY I think! He on Htv a spanish program or something maybe that why I never heard of him! Well anyway he is so cute! ^_^ LOL Well school was okay!I got a job interview 2morrow wish me luck guys! I really want this job I hate the one I'm in now! Well nothin new I guess.

~~ Well how about a question ^_^ hmm... Ah wat nationality are you guys? I'm Salvadorena My parents are from El salvador But I was bored and raised here ^_^ now it ur turn to answer!~~

~~Have an awesome day!! ^_^~~

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wat up ppls!! I like to say I love u guys ^_^! You make my life a bit better! Well I came from the movie theatre I saw =_= "The Excorism of Emily Rose" I like it I wasn't actually scared I thought it was cool and it was very good...Well it is based on a true story! It only made me parnoid! LOL! Sorry to all 4 not getting to ur sites soooooooooo sorry but will 2morrow the moment I finsh doing certain things demonicalchemist for not getting to ur site for some reason I can't comment probably cuz I got dail up I hate dail up *sigh* Well I'm trying to save money to pay for my nextel phone which is going to be something in the range of $100-200 arrggghhhh!! -_- I'm so screw I love to spend money too much! Well I'm starting on the search of finding a new job and a career! My mommy is proud of me :D! I love calling my mother mommy sometime I find it cute LOL! okay I'm going to stop now lol! Well TTYL guys! HAve an awesome day!!
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I like to say I'm proud of myself! I have finally got over my ex :D U see a while bac k he cheated on me Bastard!! He was my first everything if u know wat I mean! Well even tho we broke up for like a year or so can't remeber cuz I like to forget everything bout that! He calls me and talk to me like nothing...Which I found weird but w/e! than later he asked if we wanted to get back together! I was arrghhh u you know! But I said no Idon't! He asked me WHY?!?! !st I told him he was a jerk cuz he cheated and I didn't trust him and he disrespected me as well for the fact b/c the way I found out he cheated on me was by a friend of his and that really hurt! Well anyway I saw him at the mall...I panicked trying to find a place to hide from him but to late =_= he spoted me! Well anyway we talk and he started touching like he used too when we were b/f and g/f then it hit me I didn't feel it anymore... IT felt good cuz I was afraid that I might have feeling for him still! So glad I didn't ^_^ I told them That I don't feel that way anymore and to leave me alone Well this is the short version cuz I was mean I din't care ^_^ just really happy and proud of myself and I think I love being single! Even tho I like to snuggle but I guess I just snuggle wit my hiei plushie doll LOL! well I hope guys have awesome dayz! cya later!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   UPdate Finally!!
Hi guys it be a while since an update huh?! Well nothing much happening! College is becoming stressing *sigh* O got a cold....I can't breathe out of my nose I hate that! And now wit this cold I pass out easily in bed LOL! Well anywayz...... YAh! New eps. of FMA Finally! Did everybody like the Escaflowne movie? I had that movie for a while so I can c it a lot of times! Well I think my friend going to drag me to the theatre this friday to watch Vemon...I Don't want to c it I hate scary movies! Well I'm trying to get to everyone sites! I hope I did get to everyones! Plz forgive if I haven't I probably will tonite if H.W doesn't get in the way. My niece 1st B-day is coming this oct. 22 it going to a costume party :D Songofanime is coming with me! We have to shop for a costume LOL! I can't wait! I got to figure out what I want to dress as hmm...Well I started on a fanfic on mediaminer.org it Called no stealling ppls it The demon and cupid! it a Sesshy/kagome story cuz I kinda like that couple I mean no offense with inuyasha I love them together too! But I don't know just felt like it :D! Well that bout it today I guess! Well I hope u guys have awesome dayz!!
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Friday, September 9, 2005

   Hello !
Well...1st sorry 4 those that I did not go to there sites! PLzzzzz forgive me! But my comp. is slow! and I have so many essay's to write now *crying* My teacher is going to kill me wit all these essay's! Well I got a new phone :D it a nextel alway wanted one! I just want to say that I won't be updating for a while cua of school! well two more semester to go and then a career *sigh* I'm lazy ppls so plz pray for me! LOL well Cya guys hopefully soon! Have alot of awesome days!(just incase :D) Hope u guys like the pics! sorry there kinda small!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I like to say thanx to some of you guys that have joined my club! Thanx soooooo much now there a group that appreciates Tasuki Hotness LOL!

Well I just saw Inuyasha the third movie.....It was awesome and soooo good! I love it! Well I ogt school today so cya guys later! And have an awesome day!!! ^_^

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