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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey guys! Well I change my Bg like I saisd I would to the anime I fell in love with. Pretear...~Sigh~ no matter how many times I see it the ending still get me to cry. Well it kinda a shame that it only 13 eposide long, but it totally awesome! I wonder if any of you guys seen it? Oh and I put AMV video from Youtube.com...I love this vid it totally awesome and I love the song.Well I have to go now, but I'll shall retun tonight to comment on everyone's site!

~Have an Awesome day!~

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks for everyone comment ^-^...okay so I went YouTube.com and uploaded it so now it fix ><...like I said before it the first one I've ever done. So I know it suxs xD...oh well enjoy I guess. And I shall comment on everyone soon as possible ^^. Oh and My Bg going to change soon to anime that I had fallen in love with.

~Have an Awesome day!~

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hi guys well I u see up there I made me first AMV...it not good but hey I tried ~shruggs~ So anywayz I hope you guys check it out and give me feedback (Be gentle T.T...xD)um..it Salsa so Idk if you'll understand the words but yea just see please thankies...well I'll comment on everyone later on ^-^

Edited: Alright so I have no idea why the video is cut so really short >< I got to figure it out..if anyone know where you can upload a Video...plz tell me thanks!!!
~Have an awesome day!~

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

   Well even though Valentines Suxs -.-...I like to tell you all HAPPY VALENTINES!!! I gotten two happy V-day by one of my friend and I gave one to my wittle sick cousin, she totally sick Poor kid. Anywayz I hope everything is good with you all and omg I update again xD...Let see well the BG song I screw up it name it called "Dame lo que quiero" sorry I was like half asleep xD..anywayz I shall now go and watch some anime now ><

~Have An Awesome Day!!~

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Forgive my absence again ^-^! anywayz I have read some good Manga that are awesome Her majesty dog < Funny and omg Cute >.< The next Manga was Selfish love and Yaoi Manga Omg o.o it was totally hot xD. Anywayz I have change my BG to Nuriko from Fusihigi Yugi or Yuugi....omg it get me teary thinking about Nuriko T.T. And my BG Music u must be like "WTF?" lol that it my fav. Reggeaton Song called "Dame lo quiero" By: Rakim Y Ken-Y Love them and the song.Well I is happy b/c now I have optimum so I won't have to wait hours for a freaking website to load -.- SO YAH!!!! And I hope everyone doing alright ^^


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   Yea....My bad ^^;;
Okay 1st FORGIVE ME!!!! I have not be on for so long...I is an ass. Well I hope you forgive me...I shall comment on everyone site soon, hopefully. Anyway How are you my otakans? hope ur good. Let see well I been and finished reading Juvenile orion...it actually awesome itshort but totally good. Well I been hearing good things about Bleach and have decided to purchases it. OMG my friends broke up it really long story but I is in the middle again I understand both there reason but WOW....I rather stay out but it gonna get awkard...let OMG DNAngel is awesome I love it...I understand the whole Dark thing but I like Daisuke more. DAISUKE AND RIKU 4ever!!!! Well that it I guess well nice chatting I shall retunr hopefully soon until than Adios!!! I have to get to class now XP I will totally come comment on everyone bye!!!

~Have an Awesome day~

P.S Hope U like my new Bg ^^

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hi guys sorry i haven't been updating and i haven't posted ur site i jus wanted 2 say merry christmas and a happy new years and i'll c ya next year and taskui and me r gonna have fun...YAY mistole!
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Monday, November 14, 2005

   I'm an angel
Yeah Right! LOL well OMG I'm updating in the same month LOL. Well today is Songofanime BIRTHDAY!! plz may u visited her and say happy birthday thankies ^^...let c on my b-day didn't come home till 2;30ush am YAH! I had a party at my house sat. I made $110 YAH got to paid my bills lol. I'm in school right now XP so bored.....
*Tasuki walks next to her* HERE....*hand her a soda*
Anime: O0o0o0o0o thankies my love *hugs him*
Tasuki:Heh ..let go!
Anime: well guys meet my husband *Still hugging him and then kiss him*
Tasuki: *Push her and wipes his cheek franticall* ECK.....quit
Anime: YOu know u like it ^^ Well I guess that it for today hopefully I update soon......After school finish I should hope that my honeymoon starts ^__~ lol
Tasuki: 0__o.....honeymoon? *Runaway*
Anime: ^^ *Take out rope like one of those cowgirl thing and get Tasuki pulls him toward her* LOL well cya laterz My loves *huggles everyone* ^^

~ Have an awesome day~

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

LOng time no?! hmm...Well I will put up an art work my Cuz did for me soon I think I do it when I get home....o0o0oo0 MY B-Day is this Friday YAH! I'm going to be 19 yes!....LEt see well been really busy with school XP...o0o0o0o0o0o0o I got married...yup by my fav character Tasuki (Come on you didn't really think I got married ^^) Yea it was beautiful Songofanime was my maid of honor and my witness was my cuz cindy ^__^ And Tasuki looked so handsome tie up in rope and me with my Blue jean and white blouse with Van sneakers. LOL XD well the 14th is Songofanime b-day...Hmm.. I think I put don't care I love how my Cuz drew this drawing of me and Tasuki ^^

click on it to c it bigger I hope it work if not this must big really taking space on my page ^__^ hopefull I'll c ya guys agaion must get back to work and finish my paper it due 2morrow Ahhhhh and I didn't start yet T__T... HAve an Awesome day! ^^

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hello! Me sooooo sorry for not being on for a while. LAst monday me got into and car accident...let say two more inch I would had end up in the hospital... But me okay now. Well I must apologize to my belove Otaku me have been Studying, essay and gaiaonline Roleplaying addiction...I didn't mean too but I was sucked in....forgive me T_T, I didn't me to hurt you. Your my first love and alway will be but I can't let you both go......So let have an open relationship you can share me XD LOL...My Niece first b-day is this Sat. me and Songofanime and my friend sandra are coming with me. We going to have so much fun. Well hope to see you guys again...plz don't forget about me T_T...Just kidding. Well got to go eat luch with my Cuzin..I love ya'll!

~HAve an Awesome day!~

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