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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Okay, Okay, Okay.
Back by popular demand, I have more words of wisdom:

1. Life is always more crowded than we percieve it to be. Remind yourself that each person around you is protected and loved by at least one being you can't see.

2. The start of each day is a promise of love.

3. Angels have watched humanity's plight for freedom since time began. Perhaps they wonder why we do not celebrate the wonder of belonging as well.

4. When freedom from her mountain height, unfurled her standard to the air, she tore the azure robe of night, and set the stars of glory there.

5. Do not all charms fly at the mere touch of cold philosiphy it can clip an angels wings.

6. Malice is a motivation angels do not understand.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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